Taking You From Just-Okay Template
to Totally Unique to You Website

Lemon and the Sea helps entrepreneurs stand out & grow

I believe that a passionate creative can better grow her business when she knows that her website supports her work. 


I'm Samantha

I help the creative small business owner who is passionate about serving her clients craft a strategic website that positions her as an expert, attracts her dream clients, increases her visibility, and that she can control through my signature offering, The Strategic Website Design Road Map.


How I Can Help

At Lemon and the Sea, I understand how important it is that your website speaks to that dream customer, so I work with you to design exactly what you need.


Website customization

on Squarespace and Showit

Tired of yelling at that website template you purchased with the promise of an easy setup? My website customization package is created help you get a custom look and put you back in control. I can audit your website, help you set up shop, make custom updates, or help you layout a plan to get visitors from looking to buying.

Custom Website Design

with The Strategic Website
Design Roadmap

Ready to take your business to the next level? Whether you're looking for website that fits the clients you dream of working with (and elevates your work), creating a new offer, or making a big shift in your business, I created The Strategic Website Design Roadmap for you! This step-by-step process will give you a website you can be confident in through a custom, one-on-one experience.

My signature process!

learn & grow

with Process to Profitability

Want to learn from experts while you're on the go (or folding laundry)? Listen to my podcast all about the tools and strategies you need to serve your clients and grow your small business. I chat with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners about how they built and grew their businesses and how you can do the do the same in a way that fits you.

One of the wonderful things about working with Samantha is that she is extremely organized and timeline oriented. You will never have to wait on her to get a project done. I would recommend her to anyone needing extra help developing their vision, especially if you’re on a tight timeline and Samantha is available. I would definitely suggest hiring her as your designer to get you exactly what you want. She’s very accessible and makes it easy to schedule phone calls and meetings with her about your ongoing project and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the progress.
— Nicole Brantingham | Stag & Lily

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