February Traffic + Income Report

February Traffic & Income Report | Lemon and the Sea: slow growth and why it's a good thing.

As I continue to grow my business (I officially left my full time job one year ago now), I can get frustrated at what seems like really slow, or even no growth. I've watched the webinars, created the freebies, and spent time on social media, and I still seem to be getting lost. If you're feeling the same way, I know how hard it can be to keep going, but there is good news. Even though my stats are lower, my interactions with potential clients has been increasing little by little.


According to Google Analytics, I had 969 pageviews this month (down by 247) and 260 visitors. The total bounce rate was 56%, which is lower than it has been in the previous months. 62% of my website visitors were new to Lemon and the Sea.

Out of the 386 sessions on my site, 182 came directly to my site, 108 came from social media, and 44 were referred from another website.  These stats are pretty average for me, but I have noticed an increase in the amount of visitors coming from search engines.


My most visited page this month was my home page, followed by my Services page (just like the past few months). I'm planning to explore ways to get people from my home page to other part so the site more frequently, so hopefully that will be put in place soon.


I've seen my newsletter decreased from 138 subscribers to 131 subscribers in February. The average open rate decreased to 49.1% and the average click rate is 8.7%.  These are actually pretty great stats compared to the industry average of a 16% open rate. As I'm starting to be more consistent with my newsletter again, I was hoping to see more growth, but I only had a few new subscribers.


Twitter: 328 followers (up by 15)

Instagram: 153 followers (up by 27)

Facebook: 84 likes (up by 6)

Pinterest: 235 followers (up by 35)


February 2016 Earnings:

Freelance Clients: $115.50

Project Clients: $366.66

Affiliate Links: $0

Total Income: $482.16


February 2015 Expenses:

Education: $14.09

MailChimp: $10

Calendly: $10

Fees: $1.66

Design Supplies: $62.10

Networking: $3.93

Tithe: $48.22

Total Expenses: $150.00


Total Profit: $332.16 (before taxes)

As a note, I also traded $550 worth of design services for $550 worth of copy editing services. However, including these numbers in my calculations means that my tithe amount goes up and then the Total Profit amount doesn't accurately reflect the money I actually brought in.


I'm going to spend March really digging into my social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. I want to start making sure that I'm visible and valuable where my people are instead of just hoping they find me. I also want to start taking a look at how I can use my analytics to my advantage to reach more people and encourage more people to visit my website.