What to Share about Your Story

What to Share about Your Story | Lemon and the Sea: How much and when should you share those personal details that have greatly affected your life and helped you grow.

When you're running an online business, people want to get to know you before buying. This is especially true if you're a blogger, which traditionally includes a lot sharing.

People want to know you, but not everything

When you're sharing your story it's all about balance: you want to be open and authentic, but you don't want to share so much that you turn people away from your business. I've shared my story here in a few posts, but I'm always careful about what details I include. Here are the questions I ask myself before I decide what to post:

  • who else is involved and how would this story affect them?
  • have I dealt with this story and my feelings about it?
  • are there lessons that others can take from my story?
  • is this story relevant to my message?

Remember, you don't have to share anything you're uncomfortable with or that you haven't come to terms with yet. Your readers are going to get a lot more out of your story if they can learn a lesson from you instead of feeling like they're reading a story that's still in progress.

When sharing a story, you have to be prepared for people to comment about it. Some people can be really unkind, and while no one ever deserves to read those types of comments, you do need to expect them (and have a plan for how you're going to deal with them). I usually ask myself these questions to check in with myself before hitting publish:

  • does this story help others grow or tear them down?
  • am I showing off or providing value?
  • do I want to share this to benefit myself or my readers?
  • am I afraid of being vulnerable or of real consequences?
  • am I ready to hear feedback on this issue?
  • am I okay with this being online forever?
  • does this lesson fit my message?

Mostly, I go with my gut and make sure that if a story involves other people, you check with them (or change their names) before putting it out there.

How do you share your story?

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