Finding People You Trust

Finding People You Trust | Lemon and the Sea: How to find people you can trust with your life and business and why you can't let everyone have an opinion about it.

I'm going to tell you a secret: Not everyone deserves to have an opinion in your life.

If you don't decide, they will 

I tend to be a people pleaser. I want everyone to be happy, especially people that I care about. Because of this, I often find myself falling into the trap of trusting opinions from people that I shouldn't.

I've had to find people that I trust and cultivate those relationships. This is what I'm learning:

There are life people and there are business people

Rarely can someone be both.

Yes, I love and trust my family, but I don't turn to them for business advice. They've never run their own business. They don't have a deep understanding of what I do and who I serve. So I turn to business friends when I need to talk business.

Find People worth your trust

Before you let someone deep into your life - into your worries, your wins, your failures - you need to make sure that they're going to handle your trust as the precious thing that it is. (And it is okay not to trust certain people with certain information.)

  • Are they willing to just listen?
  • Will they give you feedback when you need it?
  • Do they build you up?
  • Do they help you think in new ways?
  • Do they encourage you to keep going?
  • Do they believe that you're worthwhile?
  • Do they keep you on track?
  • Is their criticism constructive?
  • Do they value your trust?

I'm not a big woo-woo person, but I do believe in trusting your gut, especially about people. You deserve to be treated well and to have your trust in someone justified. And it's totally okay to decide that there are people in your life that aren't yet worthy of your trust in certain areas. You may only have one or two people that you really trust to handle every situation, to help you through every crisis, and to stay with you through every joyful moment. That's all you really need.

Who do you trust in your life and business?