How to Make Your Brand Unique

How to Make Your Brand Unique | Lemon and the Sea: Branding is not about following trends, but about finding what makes you and your business unique and using that to build a visual brand that reaches your audience.

You are unique. Your brand should be too.

Today I want to talk about something that's really important to me any time I'm working on a new brand: finding what makes that person or business unique.

It's so easy today to do what everyone else is doing: similar styles, watercolors, flat-lay images. And if that's what you love and is true to you, then go for it! But if it isn't you, then don't be afraid to be yourself in your brand.

You Are Enough

It can be scary to step outside of the trends, especially if you work in a really saturated industry. You don't want to miss out on work because you don't fit in. But - trust me on this one - if you really put yourself out there, the people you want to work with will find you.

The little quirks and passions that make you unique are the same things that are going to be the base of a really strong brand because they give you a personality and a point of view.

So don't be afraid to take the things you love - even if no one else is doing them right now  - and incorporate them into your brand. After all - your brand is a reflection of you - so don't wear something that isn't your style.

Does your brand reflect you?

If you need some help building a brand that reflects how unique you are, I'd love to talk with you! I'm currently booking for May 2016.

Lemon and the Sea is a brand and website design company located in Richmond, VA. I specialize in making the branding process personal. I work with creative women who have a heart to serve others grow their businesses so they can focus on what's most important - family.   I work closely with small businesses to help them dig into what makes them unique, share their vision, and build a business that genuinely represents who they are.