Core Desired Feelings: Nourished

Core Desired Feelings: Nourished | Lemon and the Sea: Learning to take care of myself and build a life around being kind to myself.

This past week was all about feeling nourished. (If you haven't read about my Core Desired Feelings yet, check it out.) I have to admit, this one wasn't as easy as connected, but I still made an effort to focus on feeling nourished throughout the week.

A Definition

Nourished is defined as: to sustain with food or nourishment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth; cherish, foster, sustain. And while I hate with definitions use the words they are defining, I loved that nourishment is about more than just food - it's about cherishing and getting what you need.

My First Thoughts

My brainstorm for this word focuses on more than food as well: "Nourished is a whole being word, not just food, but heart. It is allowing yourself to care for yourself. It is rest, connection, openness, freedom, abundance, healthy, and filled. It is the assurance that you're ready for what's ahead because of the foundation behind. It is coming home when you just can't take the mountaintop anymore with the deep knowledge that you are well loved when you venture out again."

Pursuing Nourished

As I said, this word was more difficult for me than connected. Looking back over the week, a lot of the difficulty stems from my tendency to worry about little things instead of trusting that things will work out the way God has planned. However, even though I failed at times, this isn't a journey to be perfect, but to experience and cultivate these feelings in the midst of every day life. These are some of the ways I pursued nourished this week:

  • Going to church and being open in life group discussions
  • Letting go of making perfect dinners to just enjoy my time
  • Pursing passion projects
  • Trusting God when talking to potential clients
  • Taking an afternoon off to relax
  • Walking at the park and enjoying the nice weather
  • Eating mac & cheese just because it felt so good
  • Discussing branding with other creative entrepreneurs just because I had time
  • Buying a smoothie instead without worrying about paying for it
  • Folding the laundry and listening to podcasts

So many of these things are little that they don't seem to be a big change, but for me, it was more about letting go of anxiety and just enjoying the time I had. And maybe the nourishment from my food wasn't spot on, but that would have been almost too easy - to say I was nourished simply because of what I ate. Nourishment is so much more than that - it's about being full of life.

What nourishes you?

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