Do You Need to Rebrand?

Do You Need to Rebrand? | Lemon and the Sea:

Your brand is so much more than a logo or a website - it's who you are, your vision, and what you do. You brand is all about building something bigger "just another company" because it's the heart behind why you do what you do. And as your business grows and changes, your brand may need to change as well.

You're allowed to change

One thing I hear over and over is that people are afraid to rebrand because they don't want to lose or confuse their current audience. They've spent a lot of time and energy creating their business and they don't want to throw that away on something new without knowing if it is the right decision.

I get it - it's tough to let go of a brand that has served you well. But it's also okay to change. Businesses grow and change just like people. No one expects you to stay the same forever (and if they do, that's their issue). Over time you may find that your business has shifted and that you're offering something new or that your ideal client has changed. Maybe the vision behind your business has changed.

If your current brand doesn't feel like you anymore, it's okay to let it go and move on to something new. It's kind of like a favorite sweater that no longer fits - you could make it work if you really wanted to, but it just doesn't feel right. You're better off to find something new that serves you and fits you like a glove than be stuck with something that feels off just because you've had it for so long.


Before you start scrapping your current brand, consider whether the brand needs to change or if it just needs a facelift. Sometimes all you need to make your brand fit you again are a few updates - maybe a new website or updated brand colors.

In January I updated my website and tweaked some of my branding and messaging to make it better fit the business I was growing. I didn't need to start over because my overall mission was the same - to help creative entrepreneurs dig into their business, share their unique vision, and build a brand that represents them - I just need to update my website to better fit my business and my audience.

Updating can be a great thing for your business because as you grow, you'll learn more about who you are and who your audience is. Maybe everything is working except that neon pink. Or maybe you picked a trendy logo but now want something more classic. These can be small impacts that make a big difference.

You're May Be Ready to Rebrand If...

  • You've been in business for a few years and you want to move away from your DIY design and get something more professional.
  • You're ideal client has changed significantly.
  • You've changed path in your business and you're pursuing something new.
  • You feel like your current brand doesn't reflect who you are.
  • Your mission and vision for your business have changed.
  • You've brought on a partner or changed your business name.

Rebrand without losing your audience

If you're ready to rebrand, but you don't want to lost your current audience, there are some things you can do to help them make the transition.

  • Explain why you're rebranding. If people understand why you needed to make these changes, they'll be less likely to think you're just changing for no reason.
  • Prepare them in advance. You can start hinting at a rebrand long before it becomes a reality. Then your launch won't be a surprise (and you can build excitement).
  • Accept that some people will leave. This is okay, especially if you're rebranding because you've grown or your mission has changed. As long as your new brand is in line with what you do, new people will come.

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