January Traffic + Income Report

January Traffic + Income Report | Lemon and the Sea: How my business and blog has grown in 2016 and what's coming in February.

January was an interesting month for me because there were a lot of changes in my business and personal life. I took the first week of 2016 off from working for my freelance clients so that I could concentrate and updating my website and focusing on my design clients. This was super refreshing, but did make for a bit of stress coming back to those emails that had been sitting in my inbox since mid-December.

I launched my website updates (you can read more about them here). I also updated my services and started working on a brand new Welcome Packet full of important information for people interested in working with me (hopefully that's coming soon!)

On the home front, we got a new puppy and are working hard to house break him, which has been very frustrating at times. We also got almost 12" of snow, which meant that schools were closed for 4 days and we couldn't get out of the house very often. 


According to Google Analytics, I had 1,216 pageviews this month (down by 666) and 534 visitors. The total bounce rate was 63%. 64% of my website visitors were new to Lemon and the Sea. Even though I posted new blog content for most of January, my overall website traffic was down.

Out of the 534 sessions on my site, 172 came directly to my site, 168 came from social media, and 136 were referred from another website. 


My most visited page this month was my home page, followed by my Services page (just like the past few months). I've been updating my home page with the new website look, so I'm excited to see how those changes affect these numbers. My top about was again Goal Planning for Your Business. Check it out and get a free 36 page planner download.


I've seen my newsletter grow from 117 subscribers to 138 in January. The average open rate decreased to 50.8% and the average click rate is 10%.  These are actually pretty great stats compared to the industry average of a 16% open rate. Unfortunately these numbers aren't a great reflection of what happened in January, as I didn't send any newsletters out. (Totally my bad.) I need to get into the habit of writing my newsletter emails in advance so I don't forget them.


Twitter: 313 followers (up by 23)

Instagram: 126 followers (up by 6)

Facebook: 78 likes (up by 8)

Pinterest: 200 followers (up by 45)


January 2015 Earnings:

Freelance Clients: $1,419

Project Clients: $25.33

Affiliate Links: $0

Total Income: $1677.33


January 2015 Expenses:

Office Supplies: $26.30

MailChimp: $10

Calendly: $10

Fees: $23.89

Design Supplies: $65.10

Website Hosting: $15.99

Tithe: $167.73

Total Expenses: $319.01


Total Profit: $1358.32 (before taxes)

Looking Forward

It was actually kind of discouraging to look at these numbers. While my social media has been growing, my website views and visitors were both down significantly. I want to get back into scheduling my social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) and see how that affects growth. I also need to make sure to schedule my newsletter emails in advance so that they get sent out. I also haven't found any new design clients for February, so I'm disappointed that I don't have a project on the books.

While it's easy to get down about slow growth and small months, I'm trying to remember that it's all a part of the journey. Everyone (no matter how big their business now) had to start out small. Some grow faster than others, but many take years to get to where they are. I have faith that God has a plan for my business and that as long as I keep showing up, big things will happen.