2015 Reader Survey Results

2015 Reader Survey Results | Lemon and the Sea: Results from my Reader Survey and a preview of my upcoming posts.

I just conducted my first Reader Survey and I loved hearing from all of you. Here are some of the results that I gathered.

About You:



Are You a Blogger?


Do You Own a Business?


Have Your Ever Worked with a Designer?

What other blogs do you read?

The Nectar Collective, Kayla Hollatz, Elle and Co, Nora Conrad, The Loudmouth Lifestyle, Chole Social, Nesha Designs, byRegina, A Beautiful Mess

What is one goal you want to accomplish in the next month?

"Transferring my blog from blogger to either WordPress or Squarespace and therefore getting the design part going."

"Get more exposure to get more customers."

'Sell my first e-product!"

"Launch podcast (next week!) and get 1,000 listens."

"To re-brand my site with new brand colors and a new logo." 


How You Use Lemon and the Sea:

How did your find Lemon and the Sea?


How do you Follow Lemon and the Sea?


The Future of Lemon and the Sea:

Which topics do you enjoy most?


What would you like to read more about?


Which Types of Posts do you Enjoy Most?


What would you like to see Lemon and the Sea create?


What is Lemon and the Sea doing well?

"I visit Lemon and the Sea for all the design advice. I love the tutorials, especially Squarespace since I'm considering switching to that platform."

"I've gotten some good tips and inspiration from you. I like how you write from the heart and seem to really want to help. "

"I love the way it looks and the content you provide."

"I love the inspired online series and the regular blog posts are fantastic."