Why Advice Isn't Always Valuable

When Something Isn't Working in Business | Lemon and the Sea: It's okay to let go of things that aren't serving your business.

There are hundreds of people out there who have thousands of pieces of advice for you and your business. Most of the people are genuinely trying to help your business succeed and grow in the way you want it to, but you have to careful about listening to even the most authentic advice.

You have to be careful who you trust and listen to.

Unless someone is very familiar with your niche, your message, you audience, and your services, they aren't really qualified to give tell you how to run your business. Think about it: you've spent a long time and done tons of worksheets and planning to figure out your business. Someone who hasn't gone through that with you won't understand the important details of what you do the same way.

That doesn't mean that they can't offer sound advice or give you great ideas, it just means that you have to be the one to make the ultimate decisions.

What works for someone else may not work for you.

Just because someone else was able to build a super successful business (even in your field), it doesn't mean that the same techniques will work for you.

First, most people who see huge growth started doing something unique. If you try doing the same thing, you're jumping on the bandwagon with all the other people who have seen these techniques.

Second, you need to be comfortable with what you're doing and how it's affecting your business. I'm not comfortable with pushy sales emails and using scarcity to get people to buy something before they're ready, so I don't incorporate those techniques in my business. Sure, I may send an email promoting a service, but I believe that my business is for those who need it and who want to work with me. This can also apply to different social media or other applications people are joining. I tried Periscope for three days before deciding it just wasn't for me, despite the success others were seeing.

Feel free to experiment and then decide what works.

There are times when you'll hear something and automatically know that it isn't helpful for your business. Those are the things that are easy to let go. It's harder when something seems like it might be a good fit, but you just aren't sure. I encourage you to try it out for a few days or weeks. If it works and fits your business, keep it up. If not, let it go and try something else. Any business is essentially an experiment anyway.

At some point you have to do it on your own.

This can be tough. I know that when I first started Lemon and the Sea, I had no idea what I was doing. I started watching webinars, reading blogs, and checking into courses. At first, all of those great deals and pieces of advice really helped me grow and understand how an online business works. Eventually, though, it became too much. I started noticing that I was following all the advice and not being myself.

There's nothing wrong with listening to the people who are ahead of you, whether in life or in business. We all need mentors or coaches to help us grow and push us when we just want to stay comfortable. The problem comes when we are only consuming advice instead of listening and examining it before trying it out.

Make sure you have a core group of people who understand your business and have your best interests at heart, but aren't afraid to give you constructive criticism when you need it. These are the people you can turn to when you need to test an idea, ask a question, or just get a boost on a bad day.

Who gives you great advice?