Using Patterns in Your Brand

Using Patterns in Your Brand | Lemon and the Sea: How you can use custom patterns in your brand design and my winter pattern collection

If you've seen my portfolio or checked out my service packages, you may have noticed that I love patterns. One of my favorite design elements to create, patterns add depth and variety to your brand and can be used in a variety of ways.

Why I Love Patterns

Custom designed patterns that match your branding are great for adding depth to your color palette, tying together print and online styles, and adding a unique element that other brands in your industry won't have.

Often, when I design patterns for clients, they ask how they can use those patterns. There are some of my favorite suggestions.


You can use a pattern as a background for your website, business card, or on the cover of any worksheets or documents.


One great way to incorporate patterns into your brand simply is to use patterns as the backgrounds of your graphics and images. While most blog graphics are either a single color background or an image, adding patterns to the mix can really help your images stand out. They are also a great way to make your brand graphics recognizable on social media.


If you use print documents in your business, you can make them look professional and be recognizable by using patterns as borders or headers on your printed pages.


The footer of your website can be a really boring place if you don't spend some time on it, but it holds important information. You can add your pattern as the background of your footer to draw attention and to add a little fun to the bottom of your webpage without distracting from any of your content or other graphics.

Hover Effects

If you use buttons on your website, adding a pattern when someone hovers over them can be a way to encouragement clicks.

When Choosing a Pattern

Whether you're working with a designer or creating a pattern on your own, remember to consider these points:

  • Color: Use your brand colors so that your pattern is consistent with the rest of your visual design. This is a great place to incorporate some of those extra, supportive colors that you don't see on the rest of your website.
  • Business: The type of business you run and the audience you attract will affect the type of pattern you use. For fields like accounting and law, stick with more refined and simple patterns that don't have a lot of color variety. If you're in design or coaching, you can use a brighter, bolder pattern. Make sure that the pattern is also in line with your audience: you don't want to turn people away with a bold pattern when the rest of your brand is cool and calm.
  • Graphic Style: Again, keep it consistent. Patterns should support your brand, not distract people from it. For fun, electric brands, choose something bright with a variety of elements.
  • Trendiness: Sure, you want your brand to be on trend, but you also don't want it to go out of style too quickly. Don't make a choice based on what's popular, but on what matches your brand and your audience.