November Traffic + Income Report

November Traffic + Income Report | Lemon and the Sea: Why it's important to have savings and not focus solely on the numbers.

Now that holiday season is upon us, things have been getting crazy over here at Lemon and the Sea. I took off a few days for Thanksgiving and came back to almost 100 emails from clients with things that needed done. Clearly, I'm still catching up on all of that and I have a few big projects in the works.

I've also been hard at work behind the scenes to get a new layout ready for launch in 2016. I'm working with an awesome photographer, Julie Renner to get some new pictures for my site and I've been cleaning things up. I'm excited to launch next month!

In addition to the site design, I've been content planning, beta testing, and brainstorming some ideas for new courses, workshops, and e-books. While they won't all see the light of day, I've got tons of great stuff planned, especially focusing on creativity, faith, and business. Check out the #creativity21 challenge that will be launching in January!

Website Visitors

According to Google Analytics, I had 2,253 pageviews this month (up by 122) and 127 visitors (up by 127). The total bounce rate was 66%, which means that almost half of the people visiting my site were taking long enough to explore. 33% of my website visitors were returning visitors, so thanks to all you loyal people who keep coming back!

Out of the 1,011 sessions on my site, 205 came directly to my site, 356 came from social media, and 402 were referred from another website. 

Tops Posts & Pages

My most visited page this month was my home page, followed by my Services page. This has remained consistent over the past few months and make the importance of a great home page really clear. My top about was Goal Planning for Your Business. Check it out and get a free 36 page planner download.


I've seen my newsletter grow from 101 subscribers to 115 in November. At the end of the month, I released a Goal Planner download that I plan on promoting further. Check it out here. The average open rate decreased to 51.7% and the average click rate is 10.6%.  While this may seem discouraging, it makes sense. As more people subscribe, the open and click rates are bound to decrease a but. Both stats are high compared to the industry average.

Social Media

Twitter: 274 followers (up by 17)

Instagram: 114 followers (up by 14)

Facebook: 68 likes (up by 5)

Pinterest: 122 followers (up by 23)


Income & Expenses

November 2015 Earnings:

Freelance Clients: $83.50

Project Clients: $0

Affiliate Links: $0

Total Income: $83.50


November 2015 Expenses:

Office Supplies: $5.64

MailChimp: $10

Calendly: $10

Etsy Fees: $0.80

Tithe: $8.35

Total Expenses: $34.79


Total Profit: $48.71 (before taxes)

So, What Does this Mean?

If you've seen my other income reports (you can see them here, here, and here), you'll notice that this month saw a huge decrease in profit for Lemon and the Sea. Why? Because I base my income reports on the payments that actually hit my bank account during the month and not the amounts that I bill. Basically, I am waiting on a payment from my biggest client and haven't received the check yet.

This is where savings is crucial, both in your personal and business accounts. If I didn't have savings, a delayed check could be devastating to me and might mean that I couldn't pay my bills. Luckily, I was raised to save at least 10% of my income of emergency expenses and bigger purchases. I've rarely had to tap into this fund, but it's there for times like this.

I also know that I'll be receiving that check soon, so I don't have to panic (although I did send an email checking on the payment). Just wait - next month is going to look fantastic!