Lemon and the Sea Updates for 2016

Lemon and the Sea Updates for 2016 | Lemon and the Sea: My new images, new layout, new packages, and new way forward.

Welcome to the new Lemon and the Sea

I'm so excited to finally debut the changes that I've been working on (and hinting at) behind the scenes for almost two months now. Some of the updates are pretty standard: new images, new packages, and new graphics, but others go a bit deeper.

A New Look

If you visited the Lemon and the Sea website in 2015, you probably noticed the header image (that's the one at the top of each page). It was a photo that I took that worked with the clean, open, and friendly vibe I wanted to create.

As I started working through what I wanted Lemon and the Sea to become, I decided that I needed the help of a professional photographer to capture the look and feel that I love. I found a photographer, Julie, that I loved on Instagram and reached out to ask her if she offered stock photography for individuals and businesses. Luckily, this was something she was interested in exploring and we were able to trade services (or on that later).

After discussing the look and feel that I wanted to accomplish for my business, I created a Pinterest board of images that inspired me. Julie was able to use those inspirational images to take some lovely shots that I adore.

Many thanks to Julie Renner of Julie Renner Photography and Confident Photographers for the beautiful images you see throughout the site.

The Vault

The Vault is something I've been brainstorming for a long time: a single place for all the content upgrades and worksheets that I've created. This is the place for my VIPs to find all sorts of resources and templates that they can use to grow their businesses. I've filled it with great content: planners, worksheets, questionnaires, and even some exclusive designs.

New Packages

After working with individual clients for six months, I started noticing that the packages I was offering weren't meeting the needs of the people I was chatting with. I had to write up a custom package and quote for each potential client, which was a lot of work and worry on my end.

After taking the time to talk with some readers, Facebook group members, and through my own observations, I knew it was time to change things up a bit. I'm now offering three different packages: branding, website design, and branding + website. In addition to these basic packages, I have a list of a la carte items that can be added on to any of these packages or purchased separately so that each client gets exactly what they need.

A New Way Forward

When I started blogging for business, I was following all of the rules. I spent tons of time reading blog posts, searching Pinterest, and filling my social media feeds just to learn the ropes. I learned a lot and I'm so grateful for all the amazing people out there who are putting together those check lists and how-to's, but eventually I found myself drowning in advice.

I needed to walk away. And when I did (it wasn't easy, believe me), I discovered that I had to find my own path. This was tough to come to terms with: it was easy to keep reading blog posts and implementing advice. It's much harder to set out on your own and try something totally new.

I started praying. A lot. I basically begged and bribed God to show me the way forward (or to hand me some new clients). It didn't work. When I finally came to the point of surrendering, I was able to give my business back to God and be reminded that while I'm legally the owner of Lemon and the Sea, I'm not actually in charge. God appointed me as the steward of this business and He expects me to run it through His power.

So I'm trying to do just that - no "101 blog post ideas" or "how to gain 1,000 followers in three weeks" from me. Just honesty, openness, faith, and me trying to be uniquely me.

Be Faithful. Be Open. Be Uniquely You.

I don't have all the answers and I'm certainly still learning, but this new version of Lemon and the Sea is a lot closer to the business that I want to run.

What's new for you in 2016?