How to Deal with Jealousy & Comparison

How to Deal with Jealousy & Comparison | Lemon and the Sea: Why jealousy and comparison are so tempting and so devastating to business owners.

People are curating what they show you - putting their best face on, hiding the tears behind the makeup.

Never good Enough for Pinterest

Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I don't think it's far from the truth. We live in a world of Instagram feeds and Pinterest perfect images that we can try all day to live up to and always come up short.

And it's not just the Instagram superstars or the magazines that are giving us unrealistic expectations. Bloggers and business owners are curating what they show you as well. They share the successful launches, the grand ideas, the awesome collaborations, but you don't get to see the late nights, the tears at a failed idea, the deep questions about purpose.

It's easy to compare yourself to these things. To think that in order to be happy, you have to have it all together. We all fall into the trap of thinking that someone else has it all together because that's what we see online.

I've struggled with this a lot, especially now that I'm active on social media for my business. It gets frustrating to see all of the designers who respond to that one Facebook post about needing a logo design. It's hard to stay positive about my business growth when others are sharing how they've tripled their followers in just a few days.

If you feel the same way, you are not alone. 

What We Don't Let you See

Know that behind every successful launch and perfect Instagram feed isn't a perfect person, but a regular human being just like you. They cry. They feel like a failure sometimes. They question what they're doing. They've experienced those hard months of almost no clients and bills to pay.

They may not let you see all the behind the scenes work, but work they do. It's hard. It takes dedication. It takes showing up.

That's good news - because you too can work hard. You can show up everyday and try. You can pick yourself up when you fall and start over. They aren't better than you are. They don't have super powers. They just do the work.

And if you, like me, are tired of only seeing the good parts of life online, change it. Show the highs, but don't be afraid to show the mess as well.

You Don't Have to Perfect to Succeed

We each have to find out own way - the thing that God has ordained us for - instead of trying to follow in someone else's path.

You are unique. Truly special. And you've been called to soothing that no one else can do the way you can. Embrace it. Soak in it. Take the time to go deep and let it permeate your soul. The follow it - not looking around not stopping to check on another person's journey.

You do you. You're the only one who can.