Apartment Tour 2015

Apartment Tour 2015 | Lemon and the Sea Blog Post

It's been a month since I officially moved to Virginia and I've spent a lot of my time unpacking and setting up our new apartment (when I got here, everything was still in boxes except the few things J considered necessary- cooking utensils, some dishes, game stations, and his favorite chair).

Right now, my favorite space is the living room. I've gotten to pull together a lot of the pieces that I've worked on in a layering of textures and artwork. The television stand is an old dresser that my parents picked up from someone giving it away and I turned it into a TV stand by removing the top set of drawers and painting the whole thing. The blanket ladder is actually an old bunk bed ladder that I found in the attic. It fits perfectly in this space- and it was FREE!

I also really love our deck. LOVE LOVE. I've been in a lot of apartments where I had no outdoor space, so when we were looking for a new place to live, I knew that I needed something with a balcony. This one is big enough to fit two comfortable chairs and a trunk for a table with room to spare. I eat lunch out here every time I can (it's one of my favorite parts of freelancing) and J and I have eaten dinner out here a few times when it's warm enough.

I wanted to keep our bedroom simple- clean, bright, and comfortable. All of the furniture was laminate (ugly, ugly laminate) that I repainted in a medium gray.  It's so much better now that I wish I had taken before pictures. (One of my upcoming projects is to paint the chair and add some interest to the fabric.)

I am so glad that we decided to get a two bedroom apartment. It is more expensive, but it's worth it for me to have an office where I can work away from distractions. I usually work on my freelance jobs in the morning and then eat lunch (on the deck), exercise, and then work on projects around the house and update the blog. The love seat is a pull out from IKEA that we got for free from a church member.  It fits wonderfully in the bay window (the couch we had in here previously was too big and made the room feel crowded).

Of course, it's all a work in progress. I'm constantly updating and changing things, but for now, things are coming together.