Goals for 2015

Years ago I made a New Year's resolution to never make any more New Year's resolutions. I saw them as a way to put off changing or doing something that needs to be done. Most people never follow through on their resolutions, so I didn't want to join that that group. I didn't want to get excited about a bunch of things once a year, go out and by all the new things I "needed" to keep my resolutions, and then abandon it all a month later. I'm proud to say that I've managed to keep that resolution.

So this year, after being challenged at church to make some resolutions for the New Year, I was conflicted. I decided that instead of Resolutions that carry so many negative connotations for me, I would make some goals. Not because of the New Year, but because God put these on my heart. So here it is:

1. Hang up a board and write a new Bible verse on it each week. I want to make God's Word a greater parrot my life and I aim to choose verses that mean something to me.

2. Pay off my student loan by the end of the year. This goal is my "Impossible without God" goal. This is the challenge that really stood out to me- pick something that is not humanly possible and trust God to accomplish it.

3. Start meal planning and stick with it to save money and stop wasting food.

So that's it- my goals for 2015. I know that I will never accomplish them on my own, so I'm asking that you pray along with me as I work towards these goals.

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