Creating a Cover Page in Squarespace

Creating a Cover Page in Squarespace | Lemon and the Sea: Use cover pages as landing pages, to generate interest, or build excitement for your website.

Cover pages are a great way to create a landing page for your website without paying for an outside service.

They're easy to create and look great. Follow the instructions below to create a landing page for your own website.

Start by creating a new Cover Page.

If you're using this page as a landing page before your site is ready, make sure to set it as the Home Page.

Choose one of the templates. I like using the Landing Page templates, but you can try them all to find what works best for you.

Under the Branding & Text section, update all your text. You can add a logo or type in your company name. If you don't need to use one of the sections, just leave it blank.

Next, update the background image. Keep it simple and consistent with your brand so that it matches the rest of your work.

Under the Action section, Edit the Form. Add a Form Name (visitors will see this, so make sure it makes sense) and update the Form Fields.

Make sure you connect the form to an account. You can connect it to a MailChimp email list, a Google Docs folder, or set it to send emails to your email address.

Update all the areas of the Style section with your brand colors and fonts. These don't have to match the rest of your website if you're using the Cover Page to advertise something that has it's own branding, such as a course or joint webinar.

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