Marriage and Entrepreneurship with Adrienne Rolon


Today I’m talking about marriage and entrepreneurship with Adrienne Rolon. This was such a fun topic to cover because so many of us, as we run our businesses, are trying to figure out how to involve our spouses and make sure that our marriages are still an important part of our lives. Today we talk about why marriage as an entrepreneur is different than when you both work standard jobs and how we can get our spouses excited and ready to support your business. We then talk about the types of business conversations you should be having with your spouse and how you can find a role for your spouse in your business to support you and to make them a part of what you’re doing. Adrienne also talks about how having children affected their marriage and their business and the changes they had to make as those life changes came along, as well as a few tips for making sure that you are cultivating a marriage and a business that you love.

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Connect with Adrienne:

Adrienne is the wedding planner, designer, floral artist, and marriage encourager behind Heart's Content Events & Design! She is so passionate about her craft, and takes joy in planning and designing stunning, heartfelt, and joy-filled wedding days, so couples can sit back, relax, actively prepare for their marriage, and spend intentional time with those who matter most. She is married to her college sweetheart, Josh, who teams up with her to counsel and encourage creative business owners to become better stewards of their marriages while fostering the growth of thriving businesses. They are blessed to be parents to their fun-loving son, James, their joyful daughter, Nora, and rambunctious but kind Frenchie, Nina.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why marriage as an entrepreneur can be different than when you work a standard job

  • Making time for your spouse when working on your business

  • How you can get your spouse excited and ready to support your business

  • The types of business conversations you should be having regularly with your spouse

  • Making it easy for your spouse to be supportive by giving them a role in your business

  • How having children can affect your marriage and business

  • Why it’s important to spend time away from your business

Resources Discussed: