Why I Don't Pay Attention to Numbers

Why I Don't Pay Attention to Numbers | Lemon and the Sea: Focus on your purpose, not on getting more followers.

I don't put much stock in numbers on my blog. Yes, I publish a monthly report about how much I've made and stats, but beyond that I almost never check those numbers. The just aren't that important to me and I'd rather invest my time in other things. I have no desire to sit at my computer thinking of ways to drive people to my website. I'm not a "follow for follow" kind of girl. I'll never pay for subscribers, followers, or likes.

I want to focus on my purpose, not on the competition of numbers.

It feels so much better to receive an email from someone who read my blog than it does to get a few my followers on Twitter. Numbers and stats can't measure the relationships that I'm building and the people I'm praying for. They don't tell you about all the amazing people I've been inspired by or the positive emails I've gotten about my work.

Yes, numbers can be important and can tell you if something is working, but they can also lead you away from your message. I believe in slow, organic growth with people who are truly invested in my and my blog, not people who are just passing through to get one more piece of advice.

Big numbers don't mean a big profit.

Sure, it helps to have a large email list when you're launching a product, but it isn't the only way to find clients. My best and favorite clients have come to me through our relationship. We get to know one another, talk about life and business, and then maybe they hire me. Then I can do really great work for them because I know them at more than a surface level. And even if they don't hire me, we keep in touch because we've already developed that relationship. And that's the way I want it to work.

I also believe that God has a reason for season of slow growth. I'm not sure I could handle an email list of thousands right now or multiple client inquires a day. I'm in a stage of growth, of learning, and of faith. Growing slowly and organically is much more rewarding for me and also honors God in the people I'm reaching.

So, if you're email list isn't as big as you'd like or you wish you had clients booked for the next few months, remember that that may come in time. Right now, your job is to focus on the people who are already investing in you. Wait for God and trust His plan because it's better than anything you could dream up.

How do your numbers affect you?