My Favorite Squarespace Customization Tutorials

My Favorite Squarespace Customization Tutorials | Lemon and the Sea

One of my favorite things about Squarespace website design is that I can customize so much of a website while still maintaining the clean design of the platform.

But I don't figure all that customization out on my own. There are lots of great designers out there who are sharing how they have customized Squarespace, so I like to take advantage of their generous sharing to use for my own designs.

These are some of my favorite customizations and how I've used them both for my own website and for clients:

Adding a Custom Font to Squarespace from MunoSpace - This is a fantastic post if you're interested in adding a custom font (not from Google or Typekit) to your Squarespace website. It does involve some Custom CSS, but the instructions are easy to follow - just make sure the font you want to use is a Webfont. I used this tutorial to change one of the heading fonts on Stag and Lily Event Co. to match the logo design.


How to Create an Accordian Menu from Forth and Create - This customization may seem difficult since it includes Custom CSS, Javascript, and a Markdown Block, but the instructions are easy to follow. I used this customization on quote a few pages for Ronsen Consulting so we could display a lot of in-depth information in a way that is interactive and legible.


Adding Domain and Email Aliases with G Suite from Squarespace Answers - This tutorial, which is actually the answer to a question in Squarespace's forum is extremely helpful if you have two domains for your website and want to receive emails to both without setting up and paying for two G Suite accounts. I used this to help Nicole at Stag and Lily Event Co. transition her domain name and email address.

How to Use Index Pages in Squarespace from Lemon and the Sea - This tutorial walks you through how I used Index pages and Custom CSS to create the new look for my website, Lemon and the Sea.


Squarespace SEO Tricks You Should be Using from Lemon and the Sea - I created this tutorial to help bust the myth that Squarespace can't have good SEO and to share the tricks I've learned through setting up basic SEO on all my client websites.

Squarespace Hack: Customize Your Contact Form from Forth and Create - This easy-to-follow tutorial uses Custom CSS to customize Squarespace forms so they better fit your brand. I use this on most client websites, including Candice Prentice's author website.

How to Create a Gallery in Squarespace from Lemon and the Sea - Galleries are one of my favorite tools in Squarespace, especially for small businesses that need to show a lot of images. I used this tutorial to help Jennifer at CAVdesign create her portfolio, as well as for Kate Phillips Events in a brief Squarespace customization consultation.


Customizing Squarespace with CSS Tricks from My Billie Designs  - this post covers a few different CSS Customizations you can use to make your website more unique.

Custom CSS for Menu/Recipe Design from Meg Summerfield  - The menu block isn't one I use often in website design, so I was thrilled to find this tutorial that allowed me to customize the block for use as a recipe display on Candice Prentice's Recipe Blog.


3 Ways to Have a ‘Tweet This’ Quote on Your Squarespace Website from Kreanille Design  - If you've ever wanted to add a "Tweet This" link on your Squarespace website, this post will show you a few options for creating one. I used this on my blog for a while before I began to focus more on Instagram and Pinterest.

How to Customize the Read More Link on Squarespace Blog Post Excerpts from Megan Minns - I haven't used this tutorial yet, but I'm excited to. Megan explains in detail how to customize your Read More links in blog posts so that they are more visible and fit your brand.

To-Do for You: Check out Squarespace tutorials (Pinterest is a great place to find them) and see how you can make your website your own.

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