Core Desired Feelings: Peaceful

Core Desired Feelings: Peaceful | Lemon and the Sea: How I'm pursuing peace in all aspects of life and business.

Over the past few weeks, I've been talking about how I'm making my core desired feelings a part of the way I choose to live. (You can read more about core desired feelings here). Last week, I focused on one of the words I knew would be difficult for me - peaceful.

Generally, I struggle with feeling at peace (my husband tells me this a lot). It's not that I don't enjoy the feeling of peace, but that I just tend to worry about way too much. And even though I know in my heart that God has everything under control, my head doesn't always believe it. So, peace, for me, is not something that comes naturally.

A Definition

Peace is defined as "the normal, non-warring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world; harmony" according to And while this is certainly one definition, it doesn't seem to fit with the peace that I'm pursuing, which is internal.

My First Thoughts

Since the definition I found for peace didn't really fit for a Core Desired Feeling, it was really important that I was clear in my initial thoughts about what peace meant to me. "Peace is essential, internal, and impactful. It's the sun on your face, a mind open to all possibilities and able to let go of control. It recognizes an essential truth - that we are not responsible for anyone other than ourselves and that most circumstances are out of our control."

To me, this works much better - it focuses on letting go of control and accepting that even though I have to interact with others, I don't have to let them affect me.

Pursuing Peaceful

Each time I look back over the week I spent pursuing one of my core desired feelings, I see many small things that happened to bring me closer to that feeling. While I'm in the trenches during the week, it's easy to forget that I'm trying to be peaceful, but God has a way of making the circumstances of my week work to get me to where He wants me.

While these little things may seem too small to even count, many of them are huge for me. Because I'm a worrier and a people-pleaser, I have the tendency to put everyone and everything above myself, sometimes to my detriment. I'll answer emails after my office hours even though I know I shouldn't, I'll put off working for my business to start a new client project, or I'll prioritize work over self-care. And while at first glance, those don't seem like they have anything to do with peace, for me they do. Because my journey of pursuing peace is about letting go and learning that some things should be pushed off until another day without the guilty feeling that knots up my stomach.

  • Not responding to emails after my office hours, even when the client wanted me to work right away
  • Going to a festival without stressing over spending money
  • Buying some nice steaks for dinner without (too much) guilt
  • Postponing client projects when I didn't get a response instead of sending multiple emails to get what I needed
  • Taking morning and afternoon walks without checking my email
  • Reading my bible instead of opening Facebook first thing in the morning
  • Starting up a new exercise routine and giving myself grace when I realized how much I need to work on my flexibility
  • Being happy with my dog's progress in training instead of being frustrated that he didn't listen every time
  • Unsubscribing from emails without worrying that I'm missing out
  • Standing firm about personal decisions even when people questioned them

Each of these things individually is so small that they almost seem insignificant, but together they built a week of peace for me that I truly enjoyed.

What can you let go of to have more peace?

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