Core Desired Feelings: Abundant

Core Desired Feelings: Abundant | Lemon and the Sea: Feeling abundant despite how much I'm making.

I've finally come to the last word on my Core Desired Feelings list. I've been putting this one off because it was the scariest one for me. It was also the first word I wrote down when I was brain-storming. (You can read more about core desired feelings here). This past week, I focused on feeling abundant.

A Definition

According to, abundant means "present in great quantity; more than adequate; oversufficient; well-supplied; abounding; full; sufficient; luxuriant." Looking at this definition, I wasn't sure how abundant fit with my faith, so I turned to the Bible. It turns out that the word abundant is all over the Bible and usually refers to God's love or the growth and prosperity that He brings.

First Thoughts

"Abundant is, for me, a state of overflow, of feeling, being, having enough. It is a sense of fullness, not of excess, but of knowing the security of enough without hustling and stressing over every detail, every penny. It is monetary, yes, but it is more - freedom, generosity, connection. It is knowing that I am not empty, that I don't have to just "get by," but that I have the freedom to do so much more. It is letting go of all the things that aren't serving me and emerging on the other side of release more full than I went in."

The thing is, as much as I've held abundant in my mind, I'm still not sure I've come to a complete definition. I know that I don't want it to simply mean that I have more of something, but I also feel like it's a moving target. Maybe it has more to do with being satisfied with the blessings God had given me instead of chasing more.

Pursuing Abundant

Honestly, I didn't do as well with this word as I have with the others. I don't think I ever felt totally comfortable with it because my definition hasn't been fleshed out yet. I had a lot of client work on my plate last week and I expected to feel a sense of calm and serenity around my work, but I still felt very harried. There were moments when I could step back and see the blessing in a growing business, but all too often I was so caught up in what I had to get done that I forgot to take the time and be thankful for the work.

So this week, I don't have any tips about how you can pursue abundant. I wish I did. Instead, I've decided that this is a word I need to dig into more deeply and really sit with.

Do you feel abundant?

I'd love to hear about moments when you've felt abundant and what you do to maintain that feeling in the craziness of running a business.

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