Using Your Blog to Educate Clients with Cinnamon Wolfe

Using Your Blog to Educate Clients with Cinnamon Wolfe

Today I’m talking with my friend Cinnamon Wolfe all about using your blog to educate your clients. She gets into a lot of great topics like how she has used her blog in the past to reach and educate clients in the wedding industry and as she is transitioning to be an educator for small business owners. We also talk about her process for blogging as well as some SEO tips that can help you blog get found online.

Cinnamon Wolfe is a former corporate gal turned photographer, blogger and educator. She is an Army wife, stepmom, petmom and the friendliest introvert you’ll ever meet. She is obsessed with helping others realize they are capable of so much more than they think they are. She is a self-proclaimed #podcastjunkie and hosts her own show with her husband where they chat with business owners about all things photography, business and blogging. Her life goals are as big as her Netflix obsession and she can be always bribed with skinny vanilla lattes and deep conversations.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How she accidentally started her business

  • How blogging small business owners

  • How to show your expertise and knowledge to potential clients through your blog

  • How blogging helps your SEO

  • How to find topics to blog about that you’re interested in and that will benefit your reader

  • Addressing your clients’ pain points as a blog post

  • Why you should write about topics you think are basic

  • Why you should get outside the creative industry bubble

  • Balancing personal and business topics

  • Finding the best way to balance sharing information and being yourself

  • How often you should blog

  • How you can increase your blogging SEO

  • Cinnamon’s process for blogging from start to finish

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