Sales Page Design with Christi Cooper


Today I’m talking about sales page design with Christi Cooper. This is a really fun episode because while we’ve covered service page design before, this is a whole different beast. We talk about the difference between a sales page and a services page and some of the technical aspect including how long your sales page should be. We also discuss where you can build your sales page and what should be included, and Christi gives some design tips for those of us who will be DIYing to start out.


Connect with Christi:

Christi Cooper is the principal designer and creative strategist at Cooper & Heart Creative where she works with online educators and coaches to help them grow their businesses through beautiful, conversion-focused sales pages and websites that connect with their people in an impactful way.

Topics Discussed:

  • The difference between a sales page and a services page

  • How long your sales page should be

  • Different platforms where you can design and host your sales page

  • What should be included on a sales page

  • Why good design is so important

  • Working with a sales page designer

  • Tips for designing your own sales page

  • Common design mistakes

Resources Discussed:


  1. Make sure you're hitting the key points in your copy

  2. Assess your design

  3. Make sure your call to action buttons stand out and are clear about the next steps