How Introverts Can Grow Their Business with Lindsay Maloney


Today I’m talking with Lindsay Maloney about how introverts can grow their business. Lindsay and I have a great conversation about why introverts make great online business owners, the things they should consider before starting a business, and how serving our clients well is really beneficial as an introverted business owner. We also talk about scaling and some action steps you can take to move forward in your business.


Connect with Lindsay:

Lindsay Maloney is a self-made business and success coach who specializes in teaching women how to start and scale their dream coaching businesses with simplicity. She believes that you should always choose to use your intuition to guide you as you grow your business. With her step by step, intuitive, and creative guidance you'll feel inspired to take her tips into action, push your business forward, and work with your dream clients. Lindsay works with women who want to get unstuck and structure their brilliance into a coaching business that's sustainable and financially exhilarating. She is also the creator of Stand Out Coaching Academy and is the host of the Book Your Dream Clients podcast.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why introverts make great online business owners

  • Things an introvert should consider before starting a business

  • Bringing in clients

  • Why serving your clients well is beneficial to yourself and your business

  • Networking as an introvert

  • Scaling your business

  • Challenges introverts can face

Resources Discussed:


  1. If you're feeling excited about starting your business, pick one thing that's fun and easy and get started

  2. Reach out to people who inspire you

  3. Have confidence in yourself