Getting to the Heart of Your Brand


Today I’m talking about a topic that I’m really excited about – getting to the heart of your brand. In episode 58, I discussed why the heart of your brand and brand strategy matter when designing a website, and today I wanted to dig into how you can figure out what the heart of your brand is. If you’re wondering why this matters when designing a website, I really believe that brand strategy is what takes your website to the next level and gives you the connection with your dream client.

My process is focused on both strategy and design so it’s important that I start off on the right foot by delving deep into the heart of my client’s business. Knowing the heart behind your brand – why you do what you do – can inspire other people to rally around you and take action on what you’re offering. But you can’t design a website that reflects that if you don’t know what it is.

This process of getting to the heart of your brand, your mission, and your core values, and even your messaging can help you to define your brand and then focus on bringing your website to life with strong, strategic design.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why the heart behind your brand matters in business and in design

  • Getting to your bigger Why

  • Finding your vision for your brand

  • Honing your business’s mission

  • Creating values for your brand that will grow with you

  • Learning what sets you apart and makes you different from others in the same industry

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Write down your Why and dig deeper through the Why x 5 method.

  2. Find your business values and add them to your website.

  3. Write down your differentiators

Why the Heart of Your Brand Matters

Discovering the heart of your brand means diving deep into the purpose and passion behind your business, as well as focusing on identifying your dream client, brand voice and more. Knowing what drives you and your business will help you create a website strategy that can help you reach your business goals. You’ll walk away feeling well equipped and confident in your ability to better grasp the heart behind your brand, as well as do business in way that enables you to focus on what truly matters in life. Less stressing about whether your marketing efforts are falling on deaf ears, less time spent worrying about how your website is perceived, and more time spent confidently moving forward with a business and website you’re proud to share!

Your Why

Although it’s easy to think that the most important facet of selling our products or services is our product or service itself, your clients are ultimately attracted to the Why, the heart, behind your work. People don’t buy into What you do, as much as they buy into Why you do it.

  • What would you say is the Why behind your work?

The Why x 5 Method

This method will help you get even deeper into your brand. It forces you to go below the surface to what’s most important and will help you find things that are unique to help you see the heart behind your brand and you move forward in your business. The more honest you are, the better able you are to create connection with your dream clients through shared values and common experiences.

  1. “I design strategic websites in partnership with my clients because I want to see creative business owners own their expertise and build successful business that supports their lives.”

  2. “I design strategic websites in partnership with my clients because I want to see creative business owners step into the calling that God has given them and the important contribution they have to make to the world.”

  3. “I design strategic websites in partnership with creative business owners to help them step into the calling that God has given them because I’ve been in a place of feeling the pressure to find what God has planned for your life while still having to contribute to your family finances.”

  4. This is the step where I thought I couldn’t go any deeper, where I thought I has laid it all out. But I kept writing in order to get my heart on paper. “I love the design and business pieces because I get to use both my practical and creative sides. I love websites because they’re such an important part of a business, but don’t have to be scary. I love working with clients who love serving – they aren’t in it to make money or gain fame, but to make a living serving others by doing what they love.”

  5. “I design strategic websites in partnership with creative business owners to help them step into their calling with confidence in their expertise so that they can focus on serving others instead of worrying about creating growth and income. As a website strategist, I get to support their goals at they serve and support their families.”

Your Vision

The vision behind your work is what you’re striving to accomplish as a result of the Why that drives you. An intentional vision can create a measurable standard of success, identify your business’s direction as you move forward, inspire action, cultivate a sense of community with your team, honor your brand’s values, and speak to your brand’s strengths. It’s most effective with used to guide choices as your business grows and moves forward.

  • What is it about your Why that keeps you excited, fired up and motivated?

  • What are your brand’s goals?

  • Why do those goals inspire you?

  • At the end of your career, what do you want your business to have stood for?

  • What impact do you hope to leave through your work?

  • When you think about how your work can serve your clients well, how your work can bless your life, or how your work can leave a positive impact, what ideas come to mind? What do you envision when you dream big for your business?

Your Mission

Your mission takes your vision and shares how you’re moving forward. It includes action details that allow you to bring your vision to life.

  • What mission does your brand seek to accomplish?

  • How is your brand moving forward to achieve your vision?

Next up, let’s craft your mission statement. Think of this as an equation of...

  • Who are you?

  • What do you do?

  • Who is your dream client?

  • How is your work different from others in your industry OR how does it add value to your dream client’s life?

“I strategically craft websites for the creative small business owner who is passionate about serving her clients and wants to be a part of the design process. I help her stand out as an expert, find more dream clients, increase visibility, and be in control of her website so that she can grow her business and spend more time doing what she loves.”

Your Values

Your values are actionable concepts that define how your brand will move forward to achieve your mission and vision. They are used to inform how you operate in every piece of your business. Your values should be fundamental, steadfast, and actionable. You need to make sure that the values you chose will drive you in the direction you want to go long term.

  • What are your top values?

  • Which of these values is crucial to the nature of your work, the experience you want to create, or the legacy you want to leave behind?

Your Differentiators

Your differentiators are what make you stand out from other people in your industry. They speak to Who you are, not What you do. If your brand is personal, these will be the things that set you apart. If you’re part of a team, then they will be what each person brings to the table and how those work together to accomplish something greater.

  • What talents or gifts do you have that you’re frequently receiving compliments over?

  • What qualities do you want to be known for?

  • What do you consider to be your biggest strengths?

  • If you could have your dream client associate you with five specific skills, values or talents, what would they be?