Designing Your Book to Connect with Your Clients with Lisa Von De Linde


Today I’m talking with Lisa Von De Linde about designing a book that connects with your clients. If you’ve listened to my previous episode with Jodi Brandon (episode 14), this is a really great follow-up. We are talking about how design works, as well as the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing. In this episode Lisa talks about how designing a book is different from designing for other platforms and why you need an experienced book designer to help you through the process. She also discusses what the book design process looks like and how involved you, as the author, will be in the design of your book. We also go over the typical timeline for self-publishing a book and how it is different from going the traditional publishing route and has some tips for people who haven’t designed a book before or designers who are interested in learning more about book design.

Lisa also has a really cool download of the top 11 things an author needs to consider before self-publishing that you can get at her website.


Connect with Lisa

Lisa is a graphic designer and owner of LisaVdesigns—the studio that partners with authors, organizations, and entrepreneurs who are making a difference. Impacting lives in their community or around the globe. Her studio provides custom design services for all things book publishing & branding systems. She is particularly passionate about partnering her skills with those who have a vision for "difference maker" goals, whether that's a non-profit, a Fair Trade company, a biz with an eco-friendly focus, those impacting their local economy, or those championing a specific cause through the service they provide or the product they create. Based in Ohio, she is always daydreaming about new travel destinations, whether the travel is a work trip as a location-independent business or a true vacation. She strives to provide the highest quality design services for purpose-driven businesses.

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  • For a workbook to determine the best format for your book idea, send Lisa a DM on Instagram

Topics Discussed:

  • How designing a book is different than designing for other areas
  • Why it’s important to work with someone who has experience in book design
  • The difference between traditional and self-publishing a book
  • The book design process for those who are self-publishing
  • How manuscript writing and book design work in partnerships
  • The typical timeline for self-publishing a book
  • Tips for those who haven’t designed a book before

Resources Discussed: