Creating Content for Your Website

Welcome to Episode 29 of Process to Profitability. It’s another solo show this week and I’m covering one of the topics I get asked about most from my website design clients: creating content for your website.

Your content is one of the most time consuming and intimidating pieces of a website design (or redesign). You want to get it just right because you’re investing in a brand new website and you really want to see growth in your business.

But if you’re like many small business owners, you just have no idea what you should include on your website – and you wish someone would give you a checklist already.

Today I’m going to do just that – give you a checklist of the content I’ve seen work best on websites – and tips for making it your own.

Why your content is important:

  • Will position you as an expert
  • Spend less time answering questions and more time getting to work
  • Get visitors to take action

Key positioning content pieces:

Create a journey:

  • Outline how visitors move through your website to the main goal
  • Use a CTA on every page
  • What do you want them to do next?

Build trust with content:

  • Use your brand’s voice everywhere
  • Use social proof (badges, features)
  • Use testimonials (with headshots), reviews, and case studies
  • Talk about your main 3 topics
    • Be careful to keep what you’re sharing to what you want to be known for

The pages you need on your website and what to include for each


  • Share the most important things about what you do
  • Mission statement
  • Brief bio
  • Fun facts
  • Images of your work
  • Recent blog posts


  • What you do
  • Who you work with
  • Your story
  • Fun facts
  • Head shot
  • Branded images
  • Team bios and images


  • Exactly what you offer
  • Names, descriptions
  • Pricing
  • Images


  • Who it’s for
  • What they get
  • Components
  • Who you are
  • How to buy
  • What to expect next


  • Images from a variety of work
  • At least 5 good projects with 5-10 images each


  • Brief intro
  • Office hours
  • Contact information
  • Form with questions


  • Template for layout

Other Pages

  • Policies
  • Opt-in landing page
  • Contact form submission confirmation
  • Opt-in submission confirmation

Content To-Do List for Your Website

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