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Samantha Mabe is the owner and designer at Lemon and the Sea, the strategic website design studio. She helps the creative small business owner who is passionate about serving her clients to stand out as an expert, find more dream clients, increase visibility, and be in control of her website so she can grow her business and spend more time doing what she loves.  Samantha is also of the host of Process to Profitability, a podcasts about the tools and strategies entrepreneurs use to grow their businesses and serve their clients. Samantha is a Pittsburgh native now living in Richmond, Virginia where she spends her days designing websites and interviewing amazing women and her evenings watching Netflix with her husband and their dog #gambittheweshi.



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Process to Profitability

Process to Profitability: Tools and Strategies to Serve Your Clients and Grow Your Small Business is a weekly interview show featuring creative women who are growing their small businesses with a focus on serving their clients and customers well. We'll discuss tools, strategies, and processes that you can apply to your own business in a way that fits you. From online creative entrepreneurs to product creators, professionals creating their own way of working to those just starting out, we'll be digging into it all. Join us today!

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