You Can't Wait Until You're Ready

You Can't Wait Until You're Ready | Lemon and the Sea: If you're waiting for the "right" time, you'll never find it. It's time to stop thinking and researching and start doing. Get out there, take the leap, and see what happens. If you keep waiting, you'll never accomplish the things you dream about.

It's so tempting to put off starting something until you're confident that you're prepared.

But you can't wait until you're ready because you will never be ready. I'll be honest, I put off starting my blog and then my business for a long time because I wanted to be sure that I was prepared for whatever would happen. I let the fear of the unknown make me too scared to do anything.

I get it. You have these big dreams that you wish you could pursue, but you're limited by time, money, and expectations. The people around you think that you should stick with what you're already doing because it's working. You look at all of the people who are doing what you wish you could and it makes you want to give up because you think you'll never get there.

It's hard to overcome the fear of failure, but you need to know this: everyone started at the bottom. Those successful people you admire? They were once in your position, scared to get started, but longing to make a change in their life.

Eventually, you have to stop preparing and just decide to make the leap.

At this point, you've probably had this idea in your mind for quite some time. You may have done research, looked into others who are where you aim to be, and thought about what life would be like if you were fulfilling your dreams.

You're already as prepared as you're ever going to be. Chasing your dreams is amazing - and yes, it's full of hard times - but if you put in the effort and are willing to put yourself out there, it will pay off.

I left my full time job to move to Virginia months after my husband got a job here. I stayed at my old job for so long because I didn't think I could make it on my own. I had a dream of starting a blog and online business, but I convinced myself that it would be too hard and I wouldn't succeed. Finally, after months of waiting, I walked in to my supervisor's office and gave my notice. It was one of the scariest and most freeing moments of my life. I had just told the world that I was going to step out in faith and make a go of it.

I'm not an overnight success. Sometimes I still long for the stability of that old job, but I've never regretted making the decision to work from home and start my own business.

Even if you don't succeed, it was worth it.

As I've been working for myself and building my business, I've come to know that this is true. Even if this business doesn't work out in the long run, this will never be a time that I regret. I love what I'm doing right now and I'm learning more than I ever would have if I had stayed in a traditional workplace.

Taking the risk is always worth it. You will learn and grow - even if your business doesn't. Here are a few reasons why taking the leap is worth it, whether or not you succeed:

  • You get to really know who you are and what you value.
  • You learn to let go of what other people think you should be doing and instead focus on what you want from life.
  • You build awesome relationships with people who are on the journey with you.
  • You can take charge of your own schedule and find your golden hours.
  • You will learn to set your intentions and follow them daily.
  • You come to understand that setting goals and working hard to meet them is more important than the actual accomplishment.
  • You get the flexibility to walk away from the computer when you need a break and you learn how to push through the roadblocks that come up.

You'll never be ready. You just have to make a jump and start the journey.

I've learned a lot from my experience leaving my full time job to start my own business. I want to share that information with you and help you find the job that you love. Check out my FREE email course and let me know where you are on your journey and where your dreams are going to take you.