How to Build a Faith-Fueled Business

How to Build a Faith-Fueled Business | Lemon and the Sea

I have to admit, I haven't always had a business fueled by faith. Instead, I was filling up on newsletters, webinars, and to-do lists. I let comparison take over my dreams and I gave in to fear - fear that I wasn't good enough, that God didn't really have a plan for me, that no one needed my gifts.

I was afraid to let God have full control in my business because I wasn't sure if I would like where He led me - and following God's plan was totally against what everyone else was doing.

But after wrestling with God (something I still do today), I remembered His faithfulness and His promises. After all, this isn't my business, it's God and He's just given it to me to run for this season. I'm learning to trust His timing and provision, even when I'm freaking out because bills are due and I don't have clients coming in.

In the end, I want my business to do more than just make money - I want it to be used by God in big ways.

What is a faith-fueled business?

If you aren't familiar with the term "faith-fueled business" (there's only one other place online that talks about it that way), there can be some confusion.

  • It is not necessarily a business that sells products and services about faith. Sure, the Christian bookstore down the street may be faith-fueled, but your business can have nothing to do with Christianity and God and still be lead by God.
  • It is a business that is run according to Biblical principles, created to be of service to others, and led by God (because it's really His anyway).

I've  found that so many creative entrepreneurs are building faith-fueled business without even knowing it because they're simply making God and their faith a part of what they do and why they do it.

Integrating Faith and Business

When you first start a business, you may not think about making faith a part of your plan. If you're like me and you got caught up in all the hype about "all the things", don't worry. It's never to late to make faith a part of your business.

There are a few ways that you can integrate faith and business depending on your market, your industry, and your comfort level.

Behind the Scenes

  • Make prayer a part of your business plan and daily practice.
  • Tithe on what you make from your business.
  • Create business systems that are focused on your values.
  • Focus on building a genuine community that you can support.
  • Make great customer service a part of your business.
  • Treat everyone well - even those who will never pay you.
  • Don't complain or talk badly about people online or in public - it will always reflect badly on you.
  • Allow God to lead you in business decisions.
  • Prioritize the things God values most - relationships.

Up Front

  • Mention your faith on your website (your About Page is a good place to start).
  • Write blog posts about how God has impacted your business.
  • Create collaborations with other faith-fueled business owners.
  • Become a member of groups that support your beliefs.
  • Offer services that integrate faith.

Whether you're open about your faith or not (or if you go back and forth), start by making the Fruit of the Spirit the cornerstone of how you do business. Having love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are always going to have a positive impact on your business - especially when you're interacting with others.

Being Fueled by Faith is a Journey

Building a faith-fueled business isn't easy. You may get negative feedback from people who don't agree with you. You'll definitely feel like a fraud sometimes. You'll wonder if it's even worth it. You'll question what God's doing and where He's taking you.

But it's worth it.

When you surrender your business to God, He can and will use it in amazing ways that you get to be a part of. He can do so much more than you could ever imagine and He'll take you places you never expected. And He'll be there every step of the way.

So when you're feeling lost or defeated, remember that God has given you this business for a reason (and know that Satan fights harder the closer you are to where God wants you to be).

How are you making faith a part of your business?

Comment below or shoot me an email - I love hearing all about your journey and how God is using you.

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