Enjoy the Job that Drives you Crazy

Enjoy the Job that Drives You Crazy | Lemon and the Sea: You have a job that makes you crazy. Some days you just want to walk away and never look back. You can turn it around! Find what you do enjoy about your job and focus on that.

Unless you're the luckiest person in the world, you've had a job that makes you at least a little crazy.

If you are that lucky person, stop reading now. This post isn't for you. Just go back to work and appreciate the awesome job you have - and know that the rest of us are jealous.

For everyone else out there, there is hope.

I've had a lot jobs since I started working at 15. I was a lifeguard for many years at public pools, apartment complexes, and fitness clubs. (Oh, the stories I could tell - I always said I should write a book - people let a little too much go at the pool. ) I also worked in the kitchen at a church bingo, cleaned up after diners at a campus restaurant, and checked people in at a physical therapy office. I worked briefly at a bagel shop making breakfast for students on the go. My full-time job before moving started as a part time Accounts Payable position (I'm not good with complex math, but I am really good at solving problems and following directions, so I let the computer do the math.) Once I started working there, my supervisor discovered my background in architecture and graphic design. They gave me a full time position, adding graphic and web design to the accounts payable work. That expanded to include IT work, managing payments for a side business, and creating and sending marketing material. Basically, I've done it all.

None of my jobs was particularly awful, but they all made me a little nuts after a while. Each offered unique problems and it's own particular brand of craziness - just ask anyone who has been a lifeguard.

Is it possible to find something you enjoy?

Your job may make you crazy too, but I promise that you can find something to enjoy. For me, my co-workers were usually the best part of my job. Even if I wasn't friends with them outside of work, I was able to talk through my frustrations and remember that we were all experiencing the same issues.

Maybe you like the work you're doing, but the atmosphere doesn't cultivate creativity.  Perhaps you like your co-workers, but can't stand the customers you have to deal with.

No matter what you're doing, you can find something to enjoy. 

Why is it important that you find enjoyment in your job?

So, you have a job that drives you crazy, and you know that you can find some enjoyment in it, but why bother? 

It's tempting to keep working like normal and just accept that it's not your dream job, but doing that won't make you happy. You can certainly pursue your dream job, but if you don't enjoy your current work, it will make you miserable. I could have gone to work everyday, growing more and more impatient with the routine, and coming to despise those around me, but I didn't. I chose instead to make the most of the work I was doing. I worked hard, learning as much as I could in my field while making connections with my co-workers and supervisors. There were days when I really didn't want to go into the office, but I could always depend on the other people in the office to understand my struggles.