Nicole Burcheet | Lead Photography, Burchett Photography

“I loved working with Samantha. She is so talented at what she does. She knew things about my business that I needed before I even know I needed them. She walked alongside me as I really defined my brand as well as crafting the website. She was so quick to respond to my questions. The whole process was transparent and simple. I’m so grateful for Samantha and her talent.”


Abby Jiu | Principal & Owner, Abby Jiu Photography

“I found Samantha through a recommendation from Reina Pomeroy when my site was working slow and I wanted to make edits to the design. I love working with Samantha. She is responsive and organized. And she always follows up when I forget we are working on a project. Her work is always spot on.”


Nikkia Jackson | Product Designer, n8 Beauty

“Before working with Lemon and the Sea, I found myself spending way too much time trying to build my own site – time that could have been used moving the needle in other areas of my business. I hired Lemon and the Sea because I felt aligned with her vision to help other female entrepreneurs communicate the best version of their business to the world. Having Samantha's expertise and knowledge really helped me stay on deadline with launch day. Her quick communicative style was extremely helpful and she always made sure to get back to me, no matter how small the question. I would recommend her service for all those who are interested in streamlining the process while getting quality product.”


Melissa Hunsberger | Coffee Perks Co.

"By delegating my website design to a seasoned professional like Samantha, I was able to focus on other things like growing my business and generating more leads. Before we worked together, I liked the idea of collaborating with another woman entrepreneur and after reading about Samantha, I felt like I knew her and that Lemon and the Sea wasn't just a brand, but a real person. The on-boarding process was uber professional and very organized. I immediately knew I was working with a seasoned professional, someone who has it together and was going to do what they said they would do. She is a professional who knows her stuff and makes the process of building a website mostly effortless.”


Kamice Kellum | Photographer, Photography by Kamice

"Working with Samantha at Lemon and the Sea has been such an incredibly positive experience! I was struggling with web design and brand positioning and I knew web design was NOT in my own wheelhouse and that I needed help! When I found Samantha I was SO relieved! She took all of my crazy ideas, needs, and wants, and filtered them into a workable and manageable project, that I am now so proud of! She is professional, knowledgeable, patient, organized, and she truly CARES that you are satisfied with the final results!”


Carli Fernandez | Founder & Head Travel Designer, The Honeymoon Concierge

"I knew my website needed an update because I was getting unqualified leads and didn't feel confident promoting my website, but I was uncertain of the process and what working with a designer would require from me. I didn't have time to look at every revision, so I loved working with Samantha because she used video to walk through design decisions and give feedback, which was easier and took less time than typing out my responses. Since working together, I've seen more clients, I feel more confident about my website, and I've seen an increase in newsletter subscribers. I don't have website shame anymore!"


Nicole Brantingham | Lead Designer, Stag & Lily Event Co.

"One of the wonderful things about working with Samantha is that she is extremely organized and timeline oriented. You will never have to wait on her to get a project done. She's very accessible and makes it easy to schedule phone calls and meetings with her about your ongoing project and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the progress.

 It was important to her that it would be the best reflection of what I wanted my company to "look" like - and making my brand as timeless as possible.

Samantha's patience was everything and her flexibility to my schedule, while still exhibiting great work-life balance during our professional relationship was definitely key in keeping me on track. I also really appreciated all of the education she provided about managing a website."


Ashley Gartland | Business Coach, Ashley Gartland Coaching

There were a few issues with my website that I couldn't manage on my own and needed to hire out. Yet I was struggling to find someone who would do light projects instead of a full blown site. Samantha was prompt to reply, professional in our interactions and proficient - I knew that I could trust her to do the work she said she could do in the timeframe she said she could do it. Since my project was so small and specific, I loved that she communicated so well and was efficient since I was on a much tighter timeline than I'd initially anticipated. Samantha doesn’t fit the stereotypes of the artist/creative who struggles with deadlines and completing work. She is the opposite: organized, efficient and prompt in the delivery of everything. I really appreciated that after working with a number of creatives lately who did succumb to that freelancer stereotype.

Candice _Prentice.jpg

Candice Prentice | Author

“Samantha was wonderful to work with. She’s detail orientated, organized, and dependable. Our work together began with a series of questionnaires, which were detailed and insightful; in fact, they helped me clarify what I wanted in my own mind so I could more clearly communicate what I wanted and needed from her. After she began to build my website, she kept me informed, and I watched what she did, step-by-step. During that process, she continued to consult with me about my likes and dislikes, and she was never impatient when I made requests or ask for changes. We communicated regularly by phone and email. She answered all my questions promptly, and she kept to the timeline she promised. Samantha delivers what she promises. I highly recommend her.”



I love having a more cohesive look for my brand on social media and my website! Samantha delivered the graphics in a very efficient and timely manner into a Google Drive that was easy to access and download from. She completed revisions quickly and really understood my vision for the graphics I wanted to create. It felt like I was working with a friend! I loved having a personal touch and felt like I could trust her with the project.


Jennifer Levy | INTERIOR Designer, CAVdesign

“My website was up and running quickly so I could benefit from the new site design. The clarity of Samantha's communication and rapid turnaround on questions and feedback gave me the confidence she would take care of all the details. She was willing to do her homework to solve any issues, and really listened well to feedback while providing her own input and expertise to collaborate towards a great finished product.”


Elizabeth Henson | Photographer, Elizabeth Henson Photography

"I needed to update my website, but didn't have time to design and was getting frustrated with the tech. Samantha was organized and so kind and easy to work with! My website is now easier to update after Samantha set up templates for me."


Michele Ronsen | Designer, Ronsen Consulting LLC

"Samantha a great communicator, completely professional and an absolute joy to work with. I received a strong recommendation and needed a Squarespace expert who could help be rebuild my former WordPress website in a jiffy! She is quick, efficient, responsive, proactive and nice. It's also very easy to communicate with her and she really listens to feedback! She has exceeded my expectations on every level. I am so happy, and fortunate, to have found Samantha."


Monica Pape | CEO, The Accidental Agronomist

“I knew what kind of business I wanted, I just didn't know how to represent it visually. Samantha took the time to understand the type of business I have. I like the fact she asked questions and I believe this helped her to be able to design a website that reflected my personality in a professional and personal way. Samantha made what seemed like an overwhelming task enjoyable. With each step of the process, I was able to not only see the vision come together, it actually helped me to become more focused and excited about what I wanted my website and business to become. In light of the fact I did not feel confident about how I was originally representing my business, I struggled to even promote it. Since the redesign of the website, it has given me a renewed sense of pride in what I do.”


Robyn Lindsey | Founder, RL Dance Company

"Samantha is very personable and to me and my business and really made me feel like she cared about my passion and my goals. 

Samantha is very knowledgeable about website design and made me feel like she would work with me to help me reach my goals for my business. She saved me a lot of time and headache because I didn't have to spend time figuring out things. Also, she has a great turnaround and will help me to stay on track by sending me timeline prompts to keep our project moving. 

Samantha really works with you to make sure that your design really reflects your business. She makes you feel like it's okay to say that you don't like something and is happy to make changes. She really understands how hard it is to let go of aspects of your business and put something as important as the face you present to the world in someone else's hands. And she does not take her role lightly.” 


 Sydney Troxler | Actor, Singer, Dancer

“This was one of the simplest, quickest, and most helpful processes I have been through. Everything was spelled out easily for me (someone who has no idea how to make a website!) The correspondence between us was always quick and communicated well. I enjoyed collaborating and being able to make some of the design decisions myself while still having such strong guidance. I really feel like this will be a long-lasting tool for my career and it all happened so fast!”