My goal as a speaker is to equip your audience with practical takeaways and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life as a heart-centered business owner. I want to empower creative business owners to take the steps that are going to move them forward in their business and fulfill their dream of doing what they love.


Topics I love to speak on

Samantha Mabe speaking: How to design a website that makes it easy for people to hire you

How to Design a Website that Makes it Easy for People to Hire You

Key Takeaways: what you need on your website and what you should leave off, curating a portfolio that speaks to your dream clients, and taking visitors on a journey through your website that ends in getting hired

Samantha Mabe speaking: strategic website design so your website has beauty and brains

Strategic Website Design so Your Website has Beauty and Brains

Key Takeaways: why strategy is important, how to set goals for your website, ways you can make your website work for you, and creating a great user experience

Samantha Mabe speaking: designing a business that focuses on serving your clients well

Designing a Business that Focuses on Serving Your Clients Well

Key Takeaways: keeping your clients at the front of your business, creating processes that serve your clients, and making it easy for your clients to get the most out of their experience


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