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Michele is a design researcher with 20 years of experience helping companies, non-profits and students improve their products, services and strategies. She came to me after her WordPress website was hacked and we worked together to develop her website on Squarespace based on the design she had previously created.

Because Michele's website was no longer available, we has to piece together the design and content based on screen shots, internet archives, and memory.

the process:

Michele like her previous website's layout and overall design and wanted to maintain that same feeling with a Squarespace template.

We started by gathering all the content and images of her previous website that we could in order to use that as a starting point. Michele then created an organized approach to her content and website layout that allowed us to see any gaps.

I chose the Squarespace template that best fit her needs and designed based on the previous layout and Michele's content.

Throughout the project, we discovered the options and limitations of Squarespace and I found custom work-arounds for many issues so the website could look exactly as we envisioned.

Once the initial development in Squarespace was complete, Michele and I refined the design and workshopped issues on strategy calls.

After launching, I continued to work with Michele to update her website and to give tutorial videos so she understood how the platform works.


  • Squarespace website customization
  • Drop-down FAQ section
  • Custom logo location
  • Mobile hamburger menu styling
  • Filtering system for client industries
  • Custom portfolio solution with password protected case studies
  • SEO starter package


Michele continues to serve high-end clients and is now reaching more of her dream clients. She now has the ability and confidence to update her own website as new projectsare completed. She is receiving more inquiries through her website and is able to direct referrals to her work before sitting down for an initial meeting.

  • Migration to Squarespace platform
  • Secure website with design flexibility
  • Easy to navigate services pages
  • 8 new case studies
  • 3 new clients

"Samantha a great communicator, completely professional and an absolute joy to work with.

I received a strong recommendation and needed a Squarespace expert who could help be rebuild my former WordPress website in a jiffy! 

She is quick, efficient, responsive, proactive and nice. It's also very easy to communicate with her and she really listens to feedback!

She has exceeded my expectations on every level. I am so happy, and fortunate, to have found Samantha."

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