Why Serving Your Clients Well is Important

Why Serving Your Clients Well is Important

Today it’s just me and I’m going to be talking about why serving your clients and customers is so important. Of course, this is the basis for the entire podcast, but I wanted to talk about why I think it’s important and how I came to that conclusion in my own business.

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Samantha Mabe is the owner and designer at Lemon and the Sea. She loves empowering creative women with a heart to serve to grow their business through brand and website design. Her background is in design and architecture, but she’s been creating since she could hold a pencil. Samantha is a Pittsburgh native now living in Richmond, Virginia where she spends her days designing brands and websites and her evenings watching Netflix with her husband and their dog #gambittheweshi.


Topics Discussed:

  • Why a business with great customer service draws you in

  • Why the clients are the basis of your business

  • Why serving well needs to come before making a profit

  • How to balance serving well and setting boundaries

  • The types of boundaries to set and where to share them

  • Finding an area of service to focus on

Resources Discussed:

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