The Importance of Rest as an Entrepreneur with Danielle Roberts


Today I’m talking about the importance of rest as an entrepreneur with Danielle Roberts. We talk about why rest is important and different ways that you can make it a priority and what you should do when thinking about rest. We also talk about rest from a Christian perspective and why that looks a little different. Danielle shares how she schedules her week to make sure her priorities and values are being met and we talk about creating margin for intentional rest in our lives.


Connect with Danielle:

Danielle Roberts is a Certified Life Coach for Christian business owners, Author of the devotional for business owners called Created for This, Essential Oils Educator and Podcaster. She's from Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband, Lucas and their four beautiful kids. Her favorite things are Caribou Coffee, dates with her husband, and encouraging others.

Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of resting and it’s benefits

  • What counts as rest and what isn’t really restful

  • Rest as a Christian

  • Creating margin for intentional rest

  • How Danielle schedules her week to incorporate rest

  • Setting boundaries in your business to allow for rest

  • Setting your priorities and values

Resources Discussed:


  1. Take time to check in with yourself to see if you know your priorities and values

  2. Share your priorities with your friends and family to hold you accountable

  3. Schedule rest on your calendar