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Building a Social Media Strategy with Your Dream Clients in Mind with Elise Crawford

Building a Social Media Strategy with Your Dream Clients in Mind with Elise Crawford

Today I’m talking with Elise Crawford of Ringlet studio about creating a social media strategy with your dream clients in mind.

Elise and I had a great conversation all about why business need social media strategy, how you can create content that your dream client is going to relate to, and how you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by all of the different platforms and options there are out there.

She gives us some great advice about creating a social media strategy that works for your business and helps you to grow and scale in a way that’s really true to you.

Over the last five years, Elise has worked with countless businesses in the D.C. area to create stunning brands, digital marketing campaigns, websites and social media portfolios. In the beginning of 2016, she began Ringlet Studio with the mission of empowering women entrepreneurs brands to be bold online. Elise graduated with a Masters in Communication from Johns Hopkins University. Her concentrations were in Public + Media Relations and Digital Communications. She has lived in D.C. for the last eight years. She is planning an August 2017 wedding to her college sweetheart. 

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Topics Discussed:

  • How she knew she wanted to start her own business and work with female entrepreneurs
  • Why small businesses need a social media strategy
  • Why your marketing can be simple and really effective
  • How your social media strategy fits in with your overall marketing
  • How to get feedback from your dream client about your social media presence
  • How to create services strategically
  • Sharing your zone of genius and how to talk about your services
  • Choosing which social media platforms your business needs to be on
  • Why video is the next big thing
  • People like buying from people

Resources Discussed:

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