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Transitioning from Corporate Clients to One-on-One Work with Becky Mollenkamp

Transitioning from Corporate Clients to One-on-One Work with Becky Mollenkamp

Today I’m talking with Becky Mollenkamp all about transitioning from corporate clients to one–on-one work and we get into a lot of great topics.

Becky discusses why she made the transition from working with corporate client to creative entrepreneurs. We talk about how the expectations on her business have changed based on the types of clients she’s working with, how she balances automation and personal interaction with her clients, as well as why she thinks being authentic online and on social media is so important.

We talk about how you can beta-test your ideas before you launch your services and get into some really fun discussions on customer services and why that’s so important.

Becky Mollenkamp is a business mentor for creative entrepreneurs. In her 10-week Own It, Crush It program, she helps entrepreneurs get out of their own heads to find clarity and create action plans for moving their businesses forward. Learn more about Becky and her program at

Connect with Becky:

Topics Discussed:

  • How she started working with creative entrepreneurs
  • How working with small business owners is different from corporate clients
  • Communicating your value to potential clients
  • Why being yourself in all ways is so important for your business
  • How she created a sales process that feels authentic and respectful
  • Balancing automation and hands-on communication
  • Creating touchpoints in your business to attract and repel potential clients
  • The difference in investment for corporate clients and small businesses
  • Finding a balance between making a profit and working with your dream clients
  • Being genuine with showing our journey and not just perfect images
  • Creating a beta-test for services you’re considering offering
  • How to create a great client experience and why it’s important

Resources Discussed:

Offering Services that Others Won't

Offering Services that Others Won't

When you restrict yourself to only offering services in the industry-standard way, you might be missing out on opportunities to grow your business. I have personally found that only offering pre-set packages limits my ability to work with potential clients.

Today, I'm discussing a few ways you can offer services in your business that others will not, while still being profitable and enjoying your work.

Samantha Mabe is the owner and designer at Lemon and the Sea. She loves empowering creative women with a heart to serve to grow their business through brand and website design. Her background is in design and architecture, but she’s been creating since she could hold a pencil. Samantha is a Pittsburgh native now living in Richmond, Virginia where she spends her days designing brands and websites and her evenings watching Netflix with her husband and their dog #gambittheweshi.


Creating Effective Surveys in Your Business with Lauren Black

Creating Effective Surveys in Your Business with Lauren Black

Today I’m talking with Lauren Black of Legacy Loft all about creating effective surveys in your business. Lauren and I chatted about how to create and use surveys to help you grow your business, how to figure out what kinds of services, products, and courses you might want to offer, and how to get responses that are going to help you move forward in a way that fits your business and your dream client.

Lauren also talks a little bit about surveying your clients before you work with them through questionnaires and figuring out if they are a good fit and then after you work together to see what their results were and get really great testimonials for your website in a way that’s easy for you and for your clients.

She gives some great advice on asking the right questions, where to ask, and how to balance actual surveys with getting answers through conversational questions on social media.

Lauren Black is a multipassionate entrepreneur with a heart for helping business owners reach their highest potential and purpose through creative strategy and brand design. Lauren's main business, Legacy Loft, provides brand strategy & design to entrepreneurs who are ready to shift & scale their businesses. She is also the co-founder of Elevate & Cultivate, a community for design professionals to strengthen their skills and receive feedback on their work. Lauren is preparing to launch a third business this summer, with the signature offering being the Bosscation Box — a self-led business retreat in a box where entrepreneurs can rejuvenate and work on their businesses away from WiFi & their daily distractions.

Connect with Lauren:

Topics Discussed:

  • Why you should be using surveys in your business
  • Getting to know your dream clients and creating things for them
  • The different types of surveys you can use in your business for peers, dream clients, and your clients
  • How you can survey people while having a conversation
  • Choosing the best questions to ask
  • Balancing the types of questions you ask
  • How to get responses that are relevant to your business through doing a giveaway
  • Using the answers you receive to connect with your audience
  • How long your surveys should be
  • Getting effective testimonials from your clients in an easy way
  • How surveys can help you create a course that covers everything your students are looking for
  • The importance of asking specific questions
  • How to gather information before you create a survey
  • How often to survey your audience
  • How to beta test your questions to make sure you’re getting good responses
  • How long your surveys should last
  • How to use forms and questionnaires with your clients

Resources Discussed:

Using Customer Feedback in Product Design with Ashley Staum

+05 Using Customer Feedback in Product Design with Ashley Staum

Today Ashley and I chatted all about using customer feedback in product design, but this episode is so relevant to people in the service-based industry as well.

Ashley and I actually met in person at a VIP Intensive back in February of 2017, so I was so excited to bring her on the show to talk about how she grew her company and how she uses customer feedback to help her design better products while still maintaining the vision she has for her business.


Ashley Staum is owner of She Plans, a little planner company that sells planners, notebooks and printable planners. She is a self-taught designer with a degree in Marketing and an MBA from Virginia Tech. Her products are created with simplicity in mind, in both design and functionality, to allow you to create the space to let life happen - because life doesn't happen on the page. As the daughter of a Navy man, Ashley lived in six homes as a child and is on her sixth home since getting married in 2004. She currently lives just north of Houston, Texas along with her husband and four young girls. 

Connect with Ashley:

Topics Discussed:

  • How Ashley got started designing planners for herself and turned it into a business

  • Why she still creates printables along with her line of bound planners

  • Her transition from Etsy to having her own brand

  • Why Ashley loves getting customer feedback and how it’s improved her business

  • The four ways she receives feedback and how she uses it to make changes in her business

  • How Ashley avoids the temptation to stray for her signature style

  • Why she thinks of her customers as part of her business

  • Why sometimes less is more in product design

  • Why she doesn’t feel like other planner companies are competition

  • How starting small and not looking at the competition is beneficial

  • Her upcoming Fall launch

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