Re-Release | Getting Started with Wholesale with Carolyn Keating


Today I’m talking with Carolyn Keating of Wholesale 4 Creatives all about getting started with wholesale. Carolyn has a 10 year background in wholesale for other businesses and she has translated that into helping small creative businesses get into retail stores and get their products seen by bigger businesses.

Today we’re covering a lot of information that is mostly aimed at product-based business, but there are some great tips for cultivating relationships and figuring out pricing information if you’re a service-based business.

Some of the topics we cover are what wholesale is and why it’s beneficial, how you can price your products for profitability in the wholesale space, and how you can connect with people in stores and build relationships so you can be seen and stay top of mind whenever they are placingnew orders. We also cover a few of the ways that customer service changes when you are working in the wholesale space.

Carolyn Keating is the owner of Wholesale for Creatives, a resource for product based businesses looking to develop their wholesale and retail strategy. Prior to launching her business, Carolyn spent a decade in sales with a NYC-based women's accessories company where she developed and sold products to retail chains throughout the country. Her mission is to educate small businesses about the industry’s best practices so they can successfully compete in the marketplace and avoid making costly mistakes. 

Connect with Carolyn:

Topics Discussed:

  • What wholesale is and how it can benefit your business

  • Balancing wholesale products and selling on your own platform

  • Pricing for profit in the wholesale space

  • How to reach out to stores when you’re ready to start selling your products wholesale

  • Creating and building relationships with local businesses and buyers

  • How pitching a store is similar to pitching a blog post or podcast

  • The steps that happen when you’re products have been accepted into a store

  • How customer service changes when selling to a buyer instead of direct to the customer

  • The importance of dealing with issues quickly and well

  • How to stay top-of-mind (in a good way)

  • What you need to have in place before considering wholesale

  • The importance of having multiple products and manufacturers you trust

  • Why you need to evaluate if wholesale is right for you and do it yourself before you hire a team

Resources Discussed:


Why Every Creative Needs a Wolfpack with Elizabeth Henson


Today I’m talking about why every creative needs a wolfpack with my friend, Elizabeth Henson. We cover topics that range from wolfpacks, masterminds, and some behind-the-scenes business stuff. We talk about what a wolfpack is and how it’s different from a mastermind and why it’s important for creative entrepreneurs to have a wolfpack. Then we get into who should be a part of your wolfpack and how you can start building relationships and finding people you really connect with. We also talk about ways you can make sure that you’re being a good member of a wolfpack – for your yourself and others – and supporting people in the best way possible.

I’m excited to talk about this topic with Elizabeth because after connecting through a few different groups and events, I’ve seen how she puts this into practice first hand.


Connect with Elizabeth

Elizabeth Henson, owner of Elizabeth Henson Photos, is heartfelt wedding photographer and passionate coach for creative dreamers and overachievers. She helps women who feel stuck in their day-to-day spread their creative wings and make money doing what they love. Elizabeth settled into entrepreneurship after career hopping and finally leaving the 9-5 grind, She now runs a full time photography business where she specializes in weddings for couples who believe in finding laughter in love. Her photographs have been published in magazines, books, and online. She is equally well known for her passion to help other women succeed in their own creative business endeavors and dreams of a world where any woman can make her living doing what she loves. Yoga and 90s music keep her grounded, as does spending time with husband, Mark, and two daughters, Gracie and Maddison. Elizabeth's mission is to grow her creative community, , Creatives Live Happy, and provide support to emerging "creativepreneurs" everywhere.

Topics Discussed:

  • What a wolfpack is
  • Why having a wolfpack is important for creative entrepreneurs
  • Who should be a part of your wolfpack and how you can build those relationships
  • Ways you can start building your own wolfpack
  • Being a good wolfpack member

Resources Discussed:

Making the Most of Your Time with Mariah Tomkinson


Today I’m talking about making the most of your time with Mariah Tomkinson. She talks about why it’s important that a business owner starts making productivity and time management a priority and then we talk about how you can actually start to do that in your own business. Mariah shares the kinds of techniques we should have in place to get more done, how she sets goals, and makes sure that she gives time for those things to work and see if they will benefit her business. We also discuss how our habits affect our productivity, what her weekly schedule looks like, and how we know if our current time management strategies are actually working.

This is a topic that a lot of creative entrepreneurs struggle with, so if you’re trying to figure out how to make the most of your time, make sure to tune in to this episode.

500 x 443 sized.jpg

Connect with Mariah

Mariah runs Bloom Hustle Grow, where she helps overwhelmed female entrepreneurs navigate the twists and turns of the entrepreneurial journey by establishing strategic direction, crafting actionable plans, and building processes that allow them to hustle easier. She has an MBA and BS in Business with a concentration in Marketing, and has spent many years saying, “that’s a great idea, but how are we going to execute that?”


Topics Discussed:

  • Why it’s important for business owners to make productivity and time management a priority
  • Ways you can start to improve your time management
  • Techniques you should have in place to get more done
  • Setting goals and allowing enough time for things to work
  • How your habits affect your productivity
  • Creating habits that benefit you and your business
  • Mariah’s weekly schedule
  • Evaluating if your time management strategies are working

Resources Discussed:

Translating Your Core Values into Your Metrics with Jennifer White


Today I’m talking with Jennifer White about translating your core values into your metrics. We cover a wide range of topics including how you can translate the core values of your business into your metrics, what processes you need to have in place, and how those metrics can help you develop processes that support your values.

She also goes through the process of auditing the processes you have in place to make sure they are working for you and what changes you can make down the road as you find you need to shift and change. We talk briefly about how you can grow your team and make sure you stay on track.

Jennifer also has a great Process and Performance Checklist that you can download from her website to help you evaluate your current processes. You can find that at www.themjwgrp.com/2pdownload.


Connect with Jennifer

Jennifer began her career as an engineer, and combines analytical ingenuity with a talent for leadership. With a decade of professional experience informing her expertise in supply chain strategy and process and systems design, Jennifer is a talented communicator with a passion for motivating clients to transform their assumptions and achieve high performance. She is known for applying her sharp analytical skills to develop innovative solutions. She calls herself the "Analytical Rewired" as she incorporates her love for logic and creativity into her business. She is the Owner and Chief Impact Visionary Officer of The MJW Group, a Performance Consulting and Leadership and Development firm with her husband Marcus. In their business, they work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to incorporate core values into their metrics to increase productivity, visibility and overall performance.

Topics Discussed:

  • How you can translate your core values into your business metrics
  • The processes you need to have in place for your business
  • How metrics can help you develop processes that support your values
  • Auditing your current processes to make sure they’re working
  • Staying on track as your team grows

Resources Discussed:

Creating a Subscription Service Based on Your Customer's Needs with Rachel Rouhana


Today I’m talking about creating a subscription service based on your customer’s needs with Rachel Rouhana. We get into a ton of great topics and she gives us the behind the scenes of her business, including why she decided to offer her stock photos as a subscription, how she got started, and why she’s chosen to do business the way she does. We also talk about how she balance customer feedback and the vision she has when choosing the types of images to include and the bigger business decisions that she’s making. We also talk a lot about she does customer service and how her teams helps her to really build a collaborative environment where they can all grow in their strengths and serve their customers to the best of their alibies.

Rachel and her team are amazing because they put their customers first and you can really hear that in this interview when she’s talking about the decisions that they make, the things that they choose to shoot, and the way that they go about making decisions about the business and the way they’re going to approach everything they do. We also talk briefly about her website redesign that came about recently and why she decided to bootstrap things at first so that she could get started. There is so much great information in this episode and Rachel really share the behind-the-scenes of the business and is open and honest about everything that I asked her.

rachel headshot new-2016-2.jpg

Connect with Rachel

Rachel Rouhana is a photographer and prop stylist who helps women entrepreneurs create visually stunning brands to attract their ideal clients. She founded Haute Stock to make it easy + affordable for boss ladies to create gorgeous graphics that get clicks, likes, shares, and ultimately lead to more sales. Obsessed with gold, glitter, and all things pink, you can often find her sipping a latte and scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. Meet Rachel and learn how to add instant glam to your brand at www.hautestock.co



Topics Discussed:

  • How Rachel got started offering a subscription services
  • Why she intentionally chose to a subscription library instead of selling images individually
  • How she decides what to include in the library
  • How to get feedback from your customers and use it to adjust your offerings
  • Balancing customer requests with your own vision for your business
  • The process of planning and shooting in collaboration with other businesses
  • What customer services looks like for a subscription-based business
  • What Rachel’s team looks like and how it grew
  • Bootstrapping in the early phases of business and investing as you grow

Resources Discussed:

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Strategies for a Higher Converting Email List with Kate Boyd


Today I’m talking with Kate Body about strategies for a higher converting email list. She talks about why an email list is so important for your business. Then we talk about what conversions are and why they matter. She also goes into what conversion rates can tell us about our business and how we get started on the right foot or increase conversions in our current email list, depending on your business. We talk about ways you can engage with your email list while it’s still small so that you can figure out who you’re serving and what they need from you so that you know you’re attracting the right people and that you’re giving them what they need so that your business can grow.

She also has a really awesome idea for a way that you can increase conversions on your email list that I loved because it’s such a different idea that I have not seen out there.


Connect with Kate

Kate Boyd is the founder of Cobblestone Creative Co., a digital marketing agency that creates hand-crafted strategies and content to convert more leads into paying customers and clients. In 3 years, she has built 3 profitable online businesses and created marketing and sales experiences — both live and automated — that convert 3-5x the normal rates.

Kate combines a journalism degree, 3 years of online business experience, and 5+ years in non-profit marketing to support others as they grow, nurture, and mobilize their tribes so they can have success and time to enjoy it too.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why an email list is so important for small business owners
  • The importance of conversions and what the numbers can tell us
  • Getting your email list started off right so that it’s set up for conversions
  • Strategies you can use to increase conversions on your current list
  • How you can use your email list to serve your clients

Resources Discussed:

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Designing Your Book to Connect with Your Clients with Lisa Von De Linde


Today I’m talking with Lisa Von De Linde about designing a book that connects with your clients. If you’ve listened to my previous episode with Jodi Brandon (episode 14), this is a really great follow-up. We are talking about how design works, as well as the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing. In this episode Lisa talks about how designing a book is different from designing for other platforms and why you need an experienced book designer to help you through the process. She also discusses what the book design process looks like and how involved you, as the author, will be in the design of your book. We also go over the typical timeline for self-publishing a book and how it is different from going the traditional publishing route and has some tips for people who haven’t designed a book before or designers who are interested in learning more about book design.

Lisa also has a really cool download of the top 11 things an author needs to consider before self-publishing that you can get at her website.


Connect with Lisa

Lisa is a graphic designer and owner of LisaVdesigns—the studio that partners with authors, organizations, and entrepreneurs who are making a difference. Impacting lives in their community or around the globe. Her studio provides custom design services for all things book publishing & branding systems. She is particularly passionate about partnering her skills with those who have a vision for "difference maker" goals, whether that's a non-profit, a Fair Trade company, a biz with an eco-friendly focus, those impacting their local economy, or those championing a specific cause through the service they provide or the product they create. Based in Ohio, she is always daydreaming about new travel destinations, whether the travel is a work trip as a location-independent business or a true vacation. She strives to provide the highest quality design services for purpose-driven businesses.

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • For a workbook to determine the best format for your book idea, send Lisa a DM on Instagram

Topics Discussed:

  • How designing a book is different than designing for other areas
  • Why it’s important to work with someone who has experience in book design
  • The difference between traditional and self-publishing a book
  • The book design process for those who are self-publishing
  • How manuscript writing and book design work in partnerships
  • The typical timeline for self-publishing a book
  • Tips for those who haven’t designed a book before

Resources Discussed:

Nurturing Client Relationships with Geomyra Lewis


Today I’m talking about nurturing client relationships with Geomyra Lewis Pollard. We get into some really great topics for anyone who works with clients in their business, including the best way to begin building a relationship with someone you want to work with and how you can balance giving your clients enough information without overwhelming them.

We also talk about some of the ways you can make your clients feel special during their time with you can after the project has wrapped up. Geomyra also gives some advice on building vendor relationships with the people who are serving the same clients that you are so you can create referrals and build a team so you can offer your clients with best services possible through people you enjoy working with.


Connect with Geomyra:

Geomyra Pollard is the Creative Director behind Geomyra Lewis Weddings and Events (GLWE) and Entrepreneur Encourager at Coaching for Creatives. A native of the Washington DC area, Geomyra is the daughter of George + Myra. She is passionate about her family, faith and focuses on what matters most. With over a decade of experience in the weddings and events industry, Geomyra has a stellar reputation among her clients and colleagues as being a detail-oriented planner. She is known for producing jaw-dropping events, while managing her clients, the GLWE team and creative partners with ease and poise. As an entrepreneur encourager, Geomyra finds joy in working with creative entrepreneurs as they work to build meaningful brands and businesses. She believes we should do all things with grace, passion, and purpose. Geomyra is married to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mama of Payton and Jackson. 

Topics Discussed:

  • The best way to begin building a relationship with someone you really want to work with
  • How you can balance giving your clients enough information without overwhelming them
  • Ways to make your clients feel special throughout your time with them
  • How you can continue nurturing your client relationships after the project is over
  • Why creating vendor relationships is so important
  • How you can create a network of vendors you trust to support you and your clients

Resources Discussed:

Growing Your Team and OBM vs. VA with AllieDanae Walker


Today I’m talking about growing your team with AllieDanae Walker and we also get into what an online business manager (OBM) versus a VA. It’s two different topics that AllieDanae blends perfectly.

We’re going to talk about finding the perfect person to work with, what to expect when you bring someone on to your team, and who is responsible for what. We also discuss the difference between an OBM and a VA and her best tips for growing and managing your team.

AllieDane is a great person to help us with this topic because she has worked as a VA and an OBM for a lot of great online businesses, so she gives some great insight into who you should hire for your team, how you can figure out what you want to outsource, and then how you can grow once you’ve hired that first person.


Connect with AllieDanae

There are so many moving pieces to your business and AllieDanae understands it can get overwhelming. However, when it is all run and done well, you are able to live a life that you truly love. As a business owner herself, she wants to help you take your business from just getting by to flying high. Her goal is to remove as many admin and social media tasks off of your plate so you can focus on the creative side of your business, the side you love! The Social Walker Agency services are meant to walk alongside of you and enhance the efforts that you are already making. Consider AllieDanae and her team your team!

When she's not cheering on her business teams, AllieDanae is cheering on one of her favorite sports teams - the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Braves. You can also find her sipping coffee throughout the day, spending her mornings in the Word, and enjoying time with her family and friends. She loves sharing about her passions of faith and business to anyone who comes into her life. 

Topics Discussed:

  • How you can find the right person to work with
  • What you should expect when bringing someone onto your team
  • What your new hire will need from you and what they should have in place already
  • The difference between an OBM and a VA
  • What to do if you aren’t working well with someone you’ve hired
  • Tips for growing and managing your team

Resources Discussed:

Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship with Lee Chaix McDonough


Today I am talking about mindfulness and entrepreneurship with Lee Chaix McDonough. We have a great, in-depth conversation about what mindfulness is, the key aspects, why it’s important to us as entrepreneurs, and how we can practice mindfulness in our own lives.

She gives some great insights and I know that this episode will be really useful for you to listen in and then put into practice. As  Lee says, we don’t have to do everything and we don’t’ have to get it right all the time, but by starting off with a mindfulness practice even once a week can help us deal with some of the things that come with being an entrepreneur, like overwhelm and all of the ideas.

Lee square.jpg

Connect with Lee

Lee Chaix McDonough is a coach, therapist, and founder of Caravel Coaching. After over a decade as a clinical social worker and public health professional, Lee entered the coaching field to help creatives and creative entrepreneurs create lives they love.

Her coaching philosophy fuses the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Energy Leadership, and mindfulness in order to help her clients excel at their work, feel in control of their careers, and transform their lives.


Topics Discussed:

  • What mindfulness is
  • The key aspects of mindfulness
  • Why mindfulness is so important to an entrepreneurs
  • How you can practice mindfulness
  • How focusing on mindfulness in business can serve your clients

Resources Discussed:

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Managing Multiple Businesses without Complete Overwhelm with Krista Miller


Today I’m talking with Krista Miller of Krista Rae all about managing multiple business without complete overwhelm. Even if you aren’t managing multiple businesses right now, this episode is still really relevant because we’re talking about practical steps you can take to avoid overwhelm in your business as you’re adding side projects or just juggling client and business work.

I’m excited about the way Krista runs her business and her willingness to share the systems she uses. She gives great advice on how we can run everything without spending 24/7 on our computer or in our business. She also talks about how you can break your tasks up to get everything done and gives her biggest tip for running multiple businesses without getting overwhelmed.


Connect with Krista

Krista is a WordPress developer, co-host of the Get Back To Design Podcast, and co-founder of Coded Creative Themes. She specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft strategic websites that directly support their clients' goals, while helping them ditch the tech and spend more time doing what they love - design.

Topics Discussed:

  • The businesses Krista runs and how each got started

  • How we can run our business and pursue other projects without working all the time

  • The systems Krista tried and what works best for her

  • Exactly how she organizes her week to allow for client work, business projects, and flexible time

  • How you can break down all your tasks so you can get it all done

  • Her biggest tip for running multiple businesses without getting overwhelmed

Resources Discussed:

5 Updates for a Higher Converting Website

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