What Coming Back from Maternity Leave is Really Like


Today is my first solo episode since returning from my maternity leave in June and I’m sharing what that return to work has really looked like. I’m going to share what my maternity leave plan looked like, give a quick recap of my birth story, and share what I did while on leave. Then I’m going to talk about the transition back into work and how my expectations did and didn’t meet reality. I’m also chatting about what my schedule looks like now and some things I wish I has known when planning and coming back after a maternity leave.

Topics Discussed:

  • My original maternity leave plan

  • A quick recap of my birth story

  • What I did while on maternity leave

  • Transitioning back into work

  • The expectations I had and the reality behind the business

  • What my schedule looks like now

  • Things I wish I’d known

Resources Discussed:


  1. If you’re planning an extended leave check out my maternity leave plan and the resources I used

  2. If you’re on leave right now, enjoy your time!

  3. If you’re coming back from an extended leave, take it slow and don’t overcommit to clients or other work