Money Mindset and Being the CEO of Your Business with Sarah Walton


Today I’m talking with Sarah Walton about money mindset and being the CEO of your business. We cover a lot of topics in this week’s episode and Sarah has great insight to share. We talk a little bit about why entrepreneurs are afraid of looking at the money side of their business and how we can get better at that. We talk about loving what you do and changing the perception of your friends and family, as well as your own perception, of seeing this as a real business. We also discuss creating new products to serve your clients, planning your marketing, and a little about Facebook ads and how Sarah is using those in her own business.


Connect with Sarah:

Sarah Walton a business mentor and is the founder of Sarah’s Business Accelerator for women who want to start and build their businesses, and The Money Mindset Course, and interactive online course for women.

In a quest to make sure women are empowered with every tool needed to fulfill on the Dalai Lama’s promise, Sarah founded her companies and started creating events, workshops and courses. Through her companies, and her Redefining Success Events, she now speaks around the nation, offering her courses, products and workshops, all designed to inspire, inform, ignite passion and bring the power of femininity forward. Her focus is on taking better care of ourselves, developing a healthy relationship to money, creating challenging goals and learning how to lean back just as often as we lean in. Her companies have become known and trusted brands around the world and one of her businesses was recently featured on The Today Show. She is mother of two and a wife to one. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why many entrepreneurs are afraid of looking at the money side of their business

  • Using profit and loss statements to give us information about our business and plan for the future

  • Changing your mindset in your business to see your value

  • Helping your friends and family see your business as more than just a hobby

  • What you should focus on when creating new products and services

  • Why you need to know your dream client inside and out

  • The important of planning your marketing in advance and knowing the seasons of your business

  • Why Sarah decided to invest in Facebook ads and how she’s preparing her business

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Know your numbers (debt, profit, expenses, cash)

  2. Understand your value

  3. Actively work on your confidence  by challenging yourself