Hosting a Podcast that Supports Your Business


Today I’m talking about hosting a podcast that supports your business. As I approach 100 episodes of Process to Profitability, I’ve talked to a lot of people about why I started a podcast and how I run it while still maintaining my service-based business. Podcasting has become the main way I create content to support my business, so today I’m sharing how I got started, how my podcast grew, and what you should consider if you want to start a podcast of your own.

Topics Discussed:

  • My podcast journey

  • Balancing podcasting and business

  • How I find guests for the show

  • Why I record solo episodes

  • Tools I use for my podcast

  • My step-by-step podcast process

  • Resources I recommend if you’re considering starting a podcast

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Apply to be a guest on another podcast to see if you like the medium

  2. Brainstorm ideas for your podcast that support your business and stand out

  3. Research starting a podcast to make sure you have everything in place before you jump in

My Step-by-Step Process

  1. Brainstorm topic and guest for episode OR review guest application

  2. Send or accept guest request

  3. Schedule guest using scheduling system

  4. Obtain guest's headshot and bio (I do this with a form in Acuity when they schedule)

  5. Send customized interview questions (1 week before interview at the latest)

  6. Create custom graphics for episode

  7. Record interview with guest

  8. Record episode intro (immediately after interview)

  9. Send guest gift

  10. Edit episode and add intro & outro

  11. Write episode shownotes (including links) and schedule to be published on the same date as the episode

  12. Email guest with their custom graphics, date their podcast will go live, and the link to their episode (1 week before)

  13. Promote on social media on published date