Designing a Strategic Website Series: Designing a Strategic Home Page


This is the second episode in the Designing a Strategic Website Series and today we’re talking about designing a strategic home page.  I’m sharing how design home pages that get visitors to take the next step on your website.

Topics Discussed:

  • The purpose of your home page
  • What visitors need to see on your website to keep coming back
  • Strategically directing potential clients to the next step

Action Steps:

  1. Add a headshot of you to your home page if you don’t have one
  2. Check your copy to make sure it’s clear what services or products you offer
  3. Make sure you have a call-to-action supporting your big goal


Tips for designing strategic Home Page

Your home page is the most important page of your website because it will be the first impression most people have of you. The goal of your home page is to communicate who you are, what you do, where a visitor should start on your website, and to inspire them to action. Make their decision about what to do next easy and get them into your content ASAP. This is a great place to include an appealing opt-in.

Visitors to your website should be able to tell what you do within seconds of landing on your home page.

Things to Establish for visitors

Who You Are: let visitors know they can trust you by including a head shot and a sentence or two about who you are and your mission as a business.

What You Do: Share the services you offer early so that visitors know what they can hire you for. Include images, calls-to-action for services or products, and a sentence explaining the heart behind your brand.

Who you Serve: Be clear about the types of clients you work with using titles they use.

Your Big Goal: Encourage action by making it clear what the first and most important action a visitor can take one your #1 goal. You should also have a fallback call-to-action for people who aren't ready for or who have already acted on your big goal.Sending people to your blog is a great option so they see your authority and build trust with you.

What to Include on your home page

  • Include a strong tagline
  • Use on-brand images that are of high quality
  • If your business is location-based, include that early
  • Have at least one photo of you so visitors can connect with you

Keep it Simple

Instead of overwhelming visitors with every option available, simplify their choices so they can walk through the website step-by-step and gather all the information they need to hire you. Send people to the most valuable places first so they can take action right away.


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