Creating Conversions with a Quiz


Today I’m talking about creating conversions with a quiz. One of the biggest things that I have seen people struggling with when they design a website is getting people from landing on their website to actually converting. I’m excited to talk about one way that you can increase conversions on your website by creating a quiz that can then run automatically.

Topics Discussed:

  • How quizzes can increase conversions on your website

  • The results I’ve seen from using a quiz

  • Brainstorming a topic for your quiz

  • Creating questions and results that fit your dream client and support what you’re already doing in business

  • Connecting your quiz with the content you already have

  • How to share your quiz

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Explore Interact

  2. Brainstorm a topic for your quiz

  3. Share your quiz on your home page

Creating a Quiz that Converts

The key to creating a quiz that increases the conversions on your website is to think about your dream clients and what they're struggling with about your service or product. Your quiz should help them start moving towards a solution - whether it's choosing the right product, updating their website, or picking the best wedding planner for them.

Use Content you already have

At first, creating a quiz can seem like another big thing on your to-do list - it did for me - but it doesn't have to take weeks.

Start by looking at the content you already have - lower priced services, opt-ins, blog posts, etc. and create the quiz results so that they can point to those things. For example, I already have an opt-in about things to update on your website for more conversions and a website audit service, so I set up my quiz to direct people to those places because I was already able to help them.

And with a software like Interact, the actual quiz comes together quickly.

Write the right questions

Once you know the topic of the quiz and where you want to direct people so you can help them, you need to start writing questions. Depending on your quiz, use between 5-12 questions (more only if you need more details).

I like to start with general questions that let me get to know who is taking my quiz and start getting an idea of which result they might fall into.

  • What stage of business are you currently in?

  • How do most of your clients find you?

  • How did you create your current website?

  • Do you love your website?

Then I get into the more specific questions that focus on the topic. For my Is Your Website Converting? quiz, I chose website elements that lead to more conversions.

  • Do you have calls-to-action on your website?

  • What is your big website goal?

  • What trend do you see with people visiting your website?

  • Are all your forms and links working?

  • Does your home page communicate what you do?

  • What information is on your contact page?

  • Do you have testimonials?

Designing and Sharing your Quiz

When designing your quiz, make sure that the images and language you use are on brand. Interact makes it easy to update the font, button color, and question layout, so this should be a quick process.

To share your quiz make sure you're getting it in front of your dream clients. These are ways I love sharing quizzes:

  • social media

  • website home page

  • relevant blog posts

  • as your promo link in guest posts and interviews.

Review the results

You know I'm big on looking at the analytics and making changes on data and quizzes are no exception. See what questions are working, where people are dropping off, and which results the most people get. And then make changes as needed to improve your quiz and serve your clients in the best way possible.


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