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Three Hard Truths that 7 Figure Influencers aren't Telling You with Ellen McElveen


Today I’m talking about three hard truths that 7 figure influencers aren’t telling you with Ellen McElveen. We dive into three different things that you might not know about the 7 figure businesses you’ve been looking up to online including why you might actually be more profitable than they are, why they probably don’t have it all figured out, and why a 7 figure launch might not be the thing you’re looking for. This episode is great because Ellen works with all kinds of businesses on the back end, so she knows what people are actually experiencing and the reality behind all of the awesome Instagram posts we see.


Connect with Ellen:

Ellen helps entrepreneurs like you simplify your CEO life so that you reach your vision without the burnout. She does this through strategic mapping, accountability, + systems. She is an Operations & Efficiency Expert, and the Founder of One Less Thing Management. She has worked with businesses to improve their operations and map strategies for more than 10 years. She pulls from her experience working with Oracle, Cox Business, Geben Communications, Tamsen Webster, the YMCA, UNC-Chapel Hill, and more to deliver top-notch solutions to simplify and scale your business. She's on a mission to eradicate the outstanding number of failing businesses and does so with the One Less Thing Framework; which we'll talk more about in this episode. Ellen lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband, Scott, and son Gideon.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why we look up to 7 figure influencers

  • What having a 7 figure business means

  • Why your business might be more profitable

  • Even influencers don’t have it all figured out

  • Why a big launch might not bring the success you want

  • Where to start if you’ve never launched before

  • Working with an Operations and Efficiency expert

Resources Discussed:


  1. Build a solid foundation for your business by creating your mission, vision, and values

  2. Know your financial goals

  3. Stay focused on your business

Product Photography with Crystal Hollman


Today I’m talking with Crystal Hollman about product photography. We talked about brand photography way back at the beginning of the show, but I wanted to cover products specifically for those of you who are makers. We chat about why it’s important to have branded images and how product photography is different than other types of photos. We talk about using the images you have effectively so you’re getting the most out of them, as well as some tips for taking your own product photos. Crystal also talks about working with a photographer and what you should look for to get the most out of your investment.


Connect with Crystal:

As a full time Brand and Commercial Photographer, Crystal serves the business community exclusively through styled imagery meant to boost sales, attract your ideal audience and show off all your hard work. In her 5 years of business as a Photographer she has launched a course, held 4 workshops and supported many events across the local and online community to help educate and support other ladies in business.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why it’s important to have branded photos

  • How product photography is different

  • Making the best use of the images you have

  • Using stock images alongside your custom photos

  • Tips for shooting your own products

  • The importance of creating the right type of images

  • What you can expect when working with a product photographer

  • Collaborating with your website designer and photographer

Resources Discussed:


  1. Know what lighting is available in your home and see if you need to change anything to improve it

  2. Make sure you can put your product in an environment that makes sense for your audience

  3. Don’t forget to reflect light

  4. If you’re looking to hire a product photographer, start researching styles that fit your brand

Building a Community and Growing Intentionally with Violette de Ayala


Today I am talking about growing from a local community to communities around the world with Violette de Ayala. She goes into a ton of really good topics and is very encouraging talking about her journey from working in corporate to building the FemCity community and growing it worldwide. We talk about the struggles that come along with building something from the ground up with limited funding and where she is now in her business with her team and the growth of her community. We also talk about what people can do if they’re struggling to love their work and how they can evaluate their businesses. One of the big focuses of FemCity is making sure that they are in service to others, which fits right in with this podcast, so I was very excited to bring it to you today.


Connect with Violette:

Violette is a Cuban-American serial and social Entrepreneur, Founder of FemCity®, and virtual mentor to over 20,000 women.

Topics Discussed:

  • How FemCity came to be and how it’s grown

  • Expanding the community to be worldwide

  • Starting a business with limited funding

  • The importance of taking intentional pauses in business

  • Struggles that come with scaling

  • Developing a team

  • Evaluating where you are in business

  • The importance of serving those around you

Resources Discussed:


  1. Reconnect or reconfirm the love and passion for the work you're doing now

  2. See how you can be more of service to those around you

  3. Review how you're doing in business and say three kind things about yourself

What Coming Back from Maternity Leave is Really Like


Today is my first solo episode since returning from my maternity leave in June and I’m sharing what that return to work has really looked like. I’m going to share what my maternity leave plan looked like, give a quick recap of my birth story, and share what I did while on leave. Then I’m going to talk about the transition back into work and how my expectations did and didn’t meet reality. I’m also chatting about what my schedule looks like now and some things I wish I has known when planning and coming back after a maternity leave.

Topics Discussed:

  • My original maternity leave plan

  • A quick recap of my birth story

  • What I did while on maternity leave

  • Transitioning back into work

  • The expectations I had and the reality behind the business

  • What my schedule looks like now

  • Things I wish I’d known

Resources Discussed:


  1. If you’re planning an extended leave check out my maternity leave plan and the resources I used

  2. If you’re on leave right now, enjoy your time!

  3. If you’re coming back from an extended leave, take it slow and don’t overcommit to clients or other work

The Importance of Rest as an Entrepreneur with Danielle Roberts


Today I’m talking about the importance of rest as an entrepreneur with Danielle Roberts. We talk about why rest is important and different ways that you can make it a priority and what you should do when thinking about rest. We also talk about rest from a Christian perspective and why that looks a little different. Danielle shares how she schedules her week to make sure her priorities and values are being met and we talk about creating margin for intentional rest in our lives.


Connect with Danielle:

Danielle Roberts is a Certified Life Coach for Christian business owners, Author of the devotional for business owners called Created for This, Essential Oils Educator and Podcaster. She's from Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband, Lucas and their four beautiful kids. Her favorite things are Caribou Coffee, dates with her husband, and encouraging others.

Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of resting and it’s benefits

  • What counts as rest and what isn’t really restful

  • Rest as a Christian

  • Creating margin for intentional rest

  • How Danielle schedules her week to incorporate rest

  • Setting boundaries in your business to allow for rest

  • Setting your priorities and values

Resources Discussed:


  1. Take time to check in with yourself to see if you know your priorities and values

  2. Share your priorities with your friends and family to hold you accountable

  3. Schedule rest on your calendar

Creating an Overwhelm-Smashing Marketing Plan with Heidi Thompson


Today I’m talking about creating an overwhelm-smashing marketing plan with Heidi Thompson. We dive into the specifics of what a marketing plan is and the five pieces you need to include to have a successful marketing plan. Heidi goes into detail about all five of those pieces so you know who to talk to, what you should be saying, and how you can evaluate whether your marketing is working. This is a great episode if marketing seems overwhelming to you because she breaks it down into really easy steps for any type of business.


Connect with Heidi:

Heidi Thompson is the best-selling author of Clone Your Best Clients and the founder of Evolve Your Wedding Business where she specializes in business and marketing strategy for wedding professionals. She helps wedding professionals grow their businesses and reach their goals without going crazy in the process. Her business & marketing expertise has been featured on several wedding and business outlets including The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Wedding Business Magazine, Sprouting Photographer, Photo Biz Xposed, Honeybook, WeddingWire World & she’s an advisory board member for the UK Academy Of Wedding & Event Planning.

Topics Discussed:

  • What a marketing plan is and why you need one

  • The 5 parts of any marketing plan

  • Setting goals for your marketing

  • Researching your ideal clients and what makes you different

  • Solidifying your messaging

  • Where you should be marketing and what you should say

  • Evaluating your marketing plan to make sure it’s working

  • Marketing with paid ads

Resources Discussed:


  1. Get solid on who your ideal client is

  2. Evaluate what you're currently doing and whether it's working

  3. Schedule weekly and monthly check-ins with yourself

Making SEO Easy with Meg Pilla Clarke


Today I’m talking about making SEO easy with Meg Clarke. We have a fantastic discussion about SEO and the things you can do on your website to improve your ranking with Google. She gets into the details of meta-data, content, and all the pieces of SEO. We talk about analytics and the most important thing to consider when working on SEO. She also tells us a little bit about hiring an SEO expert, if that’s where you’re at in your business.


Connect with Meg:

Meg Clarke is the owner and founder of Clapping Dog Media where she is a master at growing organic traffic. By using data, proven techniques, and years of experience, Meg and her team help to turn web visitors into raving fans that stick around. Meg is a passionate cheerleader for businesses. She teaches entrepreneurs how they can harness the power of Google so that they can make a larger impact on the world. When she is not learning the ins and outs of the latest algorithm update, Meg is enjoys playing with her three boys, husband and golden doodle-- and company mascot, named Vader.

Topics Discussed:

  • What SEO is and why it’s important for creative entrepreneurs

  • How you can evaluate your own website

  • Writing content that helps your Google ranking and serves your audience

  • Keywords and why they’re less important than they used to be

  • The importance of your website speed

  • Meta-data and image alt tags

  • The most important thing to focus on when improving your SEO

  • What analytics you should be focusing on and how you can use that data

  • The difference between website platforms

  • Hiring an SEO expert

Resources Discussed:


  1. Look at your content and see if anything needs to be updated

  2. Link connected posts together

  3. Look at Google Analytics  and see where people are coming from, how long they are on your website, and how many pages they're looking at

Creating a Planner & Launching a Product on Indiegogo with Yvonne Heimann


Today I’m talking with Yvonne Heimann about launching a product on Indiegogo. She is really honest about getting started in the planner industry and what that was like, talking through the manufacturing and production process, and discussing marketing her product launch. We talk about launching not going as planned, but making adjustments as you go.

This is my first episode back from maternity leave, so I’m really excited to jump back into this season and bring you all new guests and topics!


Connect with Yvonne:

As a web designer and business efficiency coach who runs multiple businesses, Yvonne has over 10 years of experience organizing, strengthening, and streamlining businesses into profitability and success. She was born and raised in Germany where she caught the entrepreneurial bug early on, working in her parents’ business and owning her own pub by the tender age of 22. Yvonne left the safety net and security she had in Germany to pursue her own dreams. Since moving to the US in 2007, Yvonne’s goal has been to help empower entrepreneurs so they can successfully run a sustainable business while also enjoying life. Her own life-changing challenge came in 2014, when she lost her husband to cancer. Yvonne was determined to resume her passion of building “bulletproof businesses” that can withstand anything.

Topics Discussed:

  • The design of the Bulletproof Business Planner and how it came to be

  • Breaking into a new industry

  • The manufacturing and production process and it’s challenges

  • Making changes to your product based on customer feedback

  • Why it’s important to know your target market

  • How Yvonne is helping her customers get the most out of their planners

  • Marketing for a product launch and using Indiegogo

  • Making adjustments to a plan based on how a launch is going

Resources Discussed:


  1. Network within the industry you want to be in

  2. Just start somewhere

  3. Find people around you to encourage you

Re-Release | Pricing Your Services for Profitability and Your Dream Clients with Kristin Kaplan


Today I’m talking to Kristin Kaplan all about pricing your services and products for profitability and your dream clients. Kristin gets into a lot of really great information to help you price your services to actually make a profit in your business, including why you need to stop depending on what others are doing for pricing and start figuring out your numbers.

We talk about knowing your numbers and why that’s so important, as well as pricing based on the value you bring to your clients instead of just what it is you need to make or what the industry standards are.

I’m really excited for this episode because I think it’s something that so many of us creative entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with, especially when it seems like we hear from a lot of people that our prices are so high.

As we get into this episode, I want to encourage you to get into your own numbers so that you know exactly how you should be pricing your services and figuring out what value you bring to your clients.

Kristin is an entrepreneur, wife, mother of three, and extreme list maker. A northerner by way of Los Angeles, she is now happily settled in Nashville, Tennessee and loves everything about living in Music City. She founded Stunning Events 10 years ago where she plans fresh, fun, wedding celebrations and manages all business operations. She also teaches, mentors, and coaches creative entrepreneurs to live a life of purpose by building a solid business foundation. She is the writer and creator of The Pricing Workbook, a pricing guide for creative business owners and the co-founder, along with Ginny Krauss, of The Wedding Business Bosses community and The Wedding Business Academy, a 6-month group coaching program for wedding industry creatives. 

Connect with Kristin:




Topics Discussed:

  • How she started her first business and started working with wedding professionals and creative entrepreneurs

  • The biggest issue small business owners have with pricing

  • Creating a strategy behind your pricing

  • How to calculate your cost of doing business

  • Learning the value of your services or products

  • Transitioning from an hourly mindset to value-based pricing

  • Pricing for the clients you want to work with

  • Packages vs. hourly rates

  • Explaining your pricing to potential clients

  • Why you should get paid, even when you’re just starting out

  • Planning for growth in the future

  • How to raise your prices

Resources Discussed:

Re-Release | Weatherproofing Your Business with Amy Braswell


Today I’m talking with Amy of PaperFinch and we are chatting all about weatherproofing your business, including what that means for your business, how you can get started, and three major steps for getting weatherproofed. This applies whether you’re preparing to take some time off or you’re growing and scaling as you create different sources of income.

A wanderer at heart, Amy at PaperFinch Design creates inspirational and geographic art and gift products in order to help people tell their story. She wants to help people illustrate and find the inspiration in their own journey – where they're going, where they've been, or their favorite life motto.

Connect with Amy:

Topics Discussed:

  • How she got started in graphic design and why she embraces her way of designing

  • The importance of weatherproofing your business

  • Amy’s story behind her passion for helping entrepreneurs weatherproof

  • When you should start the process of weatherproofing

  • The importance of organizing and documenting everything in your business

  • How to set up your business to be handled by someone else

  • How you can start outsourcing in your business

  • Starting small by hiring someone who is an expert at something you don’t do well

  • How you can use content you’ve already created to make your business easier

  • How to overcome objections when it comes to outsourcing

Resources Discussed:

Re-Release | Writing a Book that Serves Your Audience and Your Business with Jodi Brandon

Writing a Book that Serves Your Audience and Your Business

Today I’m talking to Jodi Brandon all about writing a book at serves your business and your business. We got though the process of brainstorming topics for your book, writing that book, getting it published, and even get into some marketing. In addition, we cover the ultimate purpose of your book is and how you can validate your topic before you get started. Jodi also talks about the importance of finding a topic that is going to bring your audience back to your services and how you can serve them well through the topic you choose and the book you write. She also talks a little bit about her own book and how she went through this process herself, as well as the reasons that you should consider self-publishing instead of going with traditional publishing.

Jodi Brandon has more than 20 years' experience in book publishing. After many years working at traditional publishing houses, Jodi and her husband relocated from New York to Philadelphia and she launched her freelance editing business. Jodi's passion these days is working as a book editor and writing/publishing coach for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners who want to level up their business with a book.

Connect with Jodi:

Topics Discussed:

  • How she moved from working in traditional publishing to working one on one with small business owners and creative entrepreneurs

  • Why small business owners should write a book

  • How to find a topic for your book, including validating your idea before you start writing

  • Ways you can reuse the content you’ve already created

  • How she works with clients to help them publish a book

  • The difference between traditional and self- publishing

  • How to launch and market your book

  • How to get book readers back into your business and eventually hire you

Resources Discussed:

Re-Release | Managing Multiple Businesses without Complete Overwhelm with Krista Miller


Today I’m talking with Krista Miller of Krista Rae all about managing multiple business without complete overwhelm. Even if you aren’t managing multiple businesses right now, this episode is still really relevant because we’re talking about practical steps you can take to avoid overwhelm in your business as you’re adding side projects or just juggling client and business work.

I’m excited about the way Krista runs her business and her willingness to share the systems she uses. She gives great advice on how we can run everything without spending 24/7 on our computer or in our business. She also talks about how you can break your tasks up to get everything done and gives her biggest tip for running multiple businesses without getting overwhelmed.


Connect with Krista

Krista is a WordPress developer, co-host of the Get Back To Design Podcast, and co-founder of Coded Creative Themes. She specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft strategic websites that directly support their clients' goals, while helping them ditch the tech and spend more time doing what they love - design.

Topics Discussed:

  • The businesses Krista runs and how each got started

  • How we can run our business and pursue other projects without working all the time

  • The systems Krista tried and what works best for her

  • Exactly how she organizes her week to allow for client work, business projects, and flexible time

  • How you can break down all your tasks so you can get it all done

  • Her biggest tip for running multiple businesses without getting overwhelmed

Resources Discussed:

Re-Release | Connecting to Your Clients through Brand Photography with Mallika Malhotra

Connecting to Your Clients through Brand Photography with Mallika Malhotra

Today I’m talking with Mallika Malhotra of Mikifoto + Co all about brand photography – what it is, where you can use it, and how you can get the best images possible whether you’re working with a brand photographer or someone who is going to help you capture your brand story through imagery. We chat about where you can use these images online, the best places to share these image in a way that is really going to connect with your dream clients.

Mallika also has a book coming out that covers all of these topics and more. Check it out at The Brand Photography Playbook.

Mallika Malhotra of Mikifoto + Co is a brand photographer and brand story strategist who works with women entrepreneurs, inspiring them to express themselves, share their stories and unleash their creativity through photography, branding and live workshops. She combines her strategic business sense with her creative photography skills to help her fellow lady bosses stand out and energize their message with confidence. 

Based in northern NJ, Mallika also teaches live workshops on branding, vision boarding and photo styling. When she is not taking photos or building brands, she is at home with her three sons and husband, drinking coffee or red wine and dreaming about their next global adventure.

Connect with Mallika:

Topics Discussed:

  • What brand photography is and how small businesses can use it

  • How you can get photos that will connect with your dream clients

  • Why knowing your brand story and why is so important

  • Telling your business’s story through photography

  • The importance of being true to yourself and not just following trends

  • The questions you should be asking a photographer before you work together

  • How to get comfortable in front of the camera

  • Where you can use your brand photos

  • When you should consider investing in a brand photoshoot

  • How to use stock photography with your branded images

Resources Discussed:

Re-Release | Building a Team that Supports Your Business Mission with Ashley Cox


Today I am talking with Ashley Cox of sproutHR all about building a team that supports your business mission. We covered some great topics including how to hire for a small business, how to set up the hiring process including creating a really great job description, and how you can create an interview process that will help you find the right person for the job. We also talk a little bit about the difference between contractors and employees and how you might be able to hire an intern for your business.

Ashley has so much to share and we covered a lot of it today, so I’m really excited for this episode.

Ashley Cox is The HR Partner for Creatives at sproutHR, where she helps you hire, train, and lead your thriving team, all with confidence and heart. She loves to make the scary and overwhelming parts of hiring and leading a team simple, actionable and fun, so you can feel more at ease in your business and get the help you need!

Connect with Ashley:

Topics Discussed:

  • How Ashley moved from corporate HR to running her own business helping creative entrepreneurs

  • How she found a place where she could use her corporate experience and build a business she loves

  • How to create processes and systems to help your business grow

  • The importance of writing your processes down

  • How to create a job description that helps you hire the right person

  • Why you need to outline the interview process before you start accepting applications

  • The things you need to include in a job description

  • How to make sure that the person you’re hiring has the skills needed for the job

  • Why you should hire slowly to avoid hiring the wrong person

  • The difference between a contractor and employee

  • Why you can’t hire an unpaid intern

  • The importance of creating a culture for your business

Resources Discussed:


Re-Release | Creating Contracts that Protect You and Your Client with Autumn Witt Boyd

Creating Contracts that Protect Your and Your Client with Autumn Witt Boyd

Today I’m talking with lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd all about creating contracts that protect you and your clients. Autumn and I had worked together on a contract for my own business and so I was excited to bring her on to talk about her process and some tips for creating contracts that protect you and your business while still making sure that your clients get the best deal possible. The goal of your contract is that you can both be confident that you would be protected if something were to happen and how that makes it so much easier to work while knowing you have a contract to back you up.

Autumn Witt Boyd is an experienced lawyer who helps high-achieving and ambitious business owners reach their big goals, faster and smarter. Autumn guides creative entrepreneurs with big dreams as they grow from one-person-shows to bigger deals and collaborations. She has special expertise in copyright and trademark issues.

Autumn also hosts the Legal Road Map podcast, which teaches business owners how to protect their rights and stay out of legal hot water. She lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband Dave, twin boys Sam and Tyson, and daughter Vivian.

Connect with Autumn:

Topics Discussed:

  • Why a contract is the most important legal protection for your business

  • Why your contract should protect both you and your client

  • Your first contract should be a client agreement

  • How you can create a basic contract yourself starting out and why you should

  • The most important things to have in your contract with a client

  • Why your contracts should be strict upfront to allow you room to make decisions based on circumstances in the future

  • What to do if someone wants you to sign their contract

  • How to create a contract that protects you and your client

  • Use your previous experience to create a contract that serves your business based on the issues you’ve had in the past

  • How to communicate the benefits of a contract to your clients

  • Why a contract gives you freedom to do your best work

  • Other contracts you may need in your business

  • The steps to take if you need to enforce a contract

Resources Discussed:

Re-Release | Starting Your Own Mastermind with Nevica Vazquez


Today I'm talking with Nevica Vazquez all about starting your own mastermind and how her mastermind helped her take her business to the next level. She gives a lot of great tips and really practical information that you can use when you want to start your own mastermind instead of waiting to be invited to someone else's.

You will learn exactly how to start a mastermind that will fit your business and the vision you have and help you put together a group of people who will help you uplevel your business, support you, and give you honest feedback.

We also talk about the best method for hosting a mastermind and how you can keep it on track instead of worrying that everything is going to fall apart because there is no focus.

Nevica Vazquez is a Business Strategist to digital bosses who want to scale their online biz. The bosses she works with are past the beginner stage of their business and ready to assess and strategize their plan for new growth. Together, her and her clients create the online biz + marketing plan they need to get to the next level of their business. In addition to serving her clients, every week Nevica hosts the Digital Boss Roundtable a roundtable webinar show where experienced biz owners meet to have productive conversations on up-leveling their digital businesses.

Connect with Nevica:


  • How Nevica got started in business

  • How your dream client evolves over time

  • What a mastermind is

  • How being a part of a mastermind can benefit your business

  • How to find mastermind members who are a good fit

  • How to structure your mastermind

  • How to keep your mastermind on track

  • Why you need to have rules going in and how to enforce them

  • Why you don't have to be the leader of your mastermind


Re-Release | Using Customer Feedback in Product Design with Ashley Staum

+05 Using Customer Feedback in Product Design with Ashley Staum

Today Ashley and I chatted all about using customer feedback in product design, but this episode is so relevant to people in the service-based industry as well.

Ashley and I actually met in person at a VIP Intensive back in February of 2017, so I was so excited to bring her on the show to talk about how she grew her company and how she uses customer feedback to help her design better products while still maintaining the vision she has for her business.


Ashley Staum is owner of She Plans, a little planner company that sells planners, notebooks and printable planners. She is a self-taught designer with a degree in Marketing and an MBA from Virginia Tech. Her products are created with simplicity in mind, in both design and functionality, to allow you to create the space to let life happen - because life doesn't happen on the page. As the daughter of a Navy man, Ashley lived in six homes as a child and is on her sixth home since getting married in 2004. She currently lives just north of Houston, Texas along with her husband and four young girls. 

Connect with Ashley:

Topics Discussed:

  • How Ashley got started designing planners for herself and turned it into a business

  • Why she still creates printables along with her line of bound planners

  • Her transition from Etsy to having her own brand

  • Why Ashley loves getting customer feedback and how it’s improved her business

  • The four ways she receives feedback and how she uses it to make changes in her business

  • How Ashley avoids the temptation to stray for her signature style

  • Why she thinks of her customers as part of her business

  • Why sometimes less is more in product design

  • Why she doesn’t feel like other planner companies are competition

  • How starting small and not looking at the competition is beneficial

  • Her upcoming Fall launch

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Re-Release | Getting Started with Wholesale with Carolyn Keating


Today I’m talking with Carolyn Keating of Wholesale 4 Creatives all about getting started with wholesale. Carolyn has a 10 year background in wholesale for other businesses and she has translated that into helping small creative businesses get into retail stores and get their products seen by bigger businesses.

Today we’re covering a lot of information that is mostly aimed at product-based business, but there are some great tips for cultivating relationships and figuring out pricing information if you’re a service-based business.

Some of the topics we cover are what wholesale is and why it’s beneficial, how you can price your products for profitability in the wholesale space, and how you can connect with people in stores and build relationships so you can be seen and stay top of mind whenever they are placingnew orders. We also cover a few of the ways that customer service changes when you are working in the wholesale space.

Carolyn Keating is the owner of Wholesale for Creatives, a resource for product based businesses looking to develop their wholesale and retail strategy. Prior to launching her business, Carolyn spent a decade in sales with a NYC-based women's accessories company where she developed and sold products to retail chains throughout the country. Her mission is to educate small businesses about the industry’s best practices so they can successfully compete in the marketplace and avoid making costly mistakes. 

Connect with Carolyn:

Topics Discussed:

  • What wholesale is and how it can benefit your business

  • Balancing wholesale products and selling on your own platform

  • Pricing for profit in the wholesale space

  • How to reach out to stores when you’re ready to start selling your products wholesale

  • Creating and building relationships with local businesses and buyers

  • How pitching a store is similar to pitching a blog post or podcast

  • The steps that happen when you’re products have been accepted into a store

  • How customer service changes when selling to a buyer instead of direct to the customer

  • The importance of dealing with issues quickly and well

  • How to stay top-of-mind (in a good way)

  • What you need to have in place before considering wholesale

  • The importance of having multiple products and manufacturers you trust

  • Why you need to evaluate if wholesale is right for you and do it yourself before you hire a team

Resources Discussed:


Running a Business as a Side-Hustle with Shannon Mattern


Today I’m talking about running a business as a side-hustle with Shannon Mattern. We chat about a lot of topics, including how she got started with her business and the transition she made to running it full time. We also talk about how you can run your business as a side-hustle in a way that benefits your business and the difference between that and running a full-time business. Shannon shares about creating a strategic plan when you’re running a side-hustle and some tips for balancing a full-time job, running a business, and self-care, as well as how you can transition to a full-time gig and the things that you need to do to prepare.


Connect with Shannon:

Shannon Mattern shows side hustlers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and freelancers how build a website, grow an audience via online marketing and turn their expertise into income.  You can think of Shannon as your WordPress BFF! Through her signature course, the 5 Day Website Challenge, she has empowered over 6,600 people to DIY their website with WordPress. Shannon’s mission is to empower those who want the freedom, flexibility and financial independence that an online business can provide by removing the tech barriers holding them back! In January of 2018, Shannon transitioned from side-hustler to self-employed. She shares her journey, strategies and tactics via her podcast, Pep Talks for Side Hustlers at (or wherever you listen to podcasts).

Topics Discussed:

  • How running a business as a side-hustle is difference from doing it full-time

  • The benefits of a side-hustle

  • Talking to clients about your side-hustle and setting boundaries

  • Creating a strategic plan for growing your business

  • Tips for self-care while working a full-time job and running a side-hustle

  • How you can prepare to transition your side-hustle to full time

  • Shannon’s words of encouragement to side-hustlers who can’t leave their day job

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Figuring out your magic number - what do you want to make a month/a year from your business

  2. If you don't love your day job, journal your 10 likes and 10 gratitude’s  about your job every morning

  3. Figure out how you can be more creative with your schedule to have time to grow your business

Partnering with an OBM with Brooke Jackson


Today I’m talking about partnering with an OBM or team with Brooke Jackson. Brooke starts by explaining what an Online Business Manager does and how they work with business owners. We discuss the types of tasks an OBM can do and what they won’t do in your business. We then talk about building a team, with or without an OBM to help, including choosing the right people to hire, on-boarding new team members, and managing your team.


Connect with Brooke:

Brooke Jackson is an Online Business Manager (OBM) for female entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level. She genuinely helps female online-business owners by taking over almost all of their current operations, business systems, team leading, planning & timelines, launches, and project management. Brooke has a passion and love for animals, worldly cultures, and online business.


Topics Discussed:

  • What an OBM does and how she can work with a business owner

  • The main types of tasks that an OBM can do for a business

  • How to partner with an OBM

  • What an OBM won’t do in your business

  • Tips for business owners who need to build a team, but can’t afford an OBM

  • Choosing the right type of person to hire first in your business

  • On-boarding new team members

  • Managing your team, whether or not you have an OBM to help

  • When you should start thinking about hiring an OBM for your business

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Start breaking down everything you do in your business and organize into daily, bi-daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly.

  2. Start documenting those processes! Break out anywhere you want to record them and write out the steps you take to perform actions along with guidelines & loom videos if needed

  3. Start assessing yourself as a leader. Get to know yourself and your working style.