Being Financially Savvy in Your Business with Melissa Whaley

Today I’m talking with Melissa Whaley of and we are chatting all about being financially savvy in your business. Melissa shares a lot of great information like getting started with the right accounting system (including some free ones that she suggests). She also talks about staying up to date with your finances and what you should be doing yourself versus what you should look into outsourcing early in your business.

She also discusses some of the mistakes she sees business owner’s making in their finances and how you can fix them, as well as why being financially savvy is a benefit to our clients and customers and our own business.


Melissa Whaley is a licensed Tax Pro, Financial Strategist, and California Momma of 3. Melissa works virtually with creative business owners who light up over their work and freak out over their numbers. Her favorite things are sipping a good latte and exploring outdoors with her family.

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Topics Discussed:

  • How she got started helping creatives and small business with their finances
  • What to look for when choosing an accounting software for your business
  • How to set up a routine around your finances
  • The importance of setting aside money to pay quarterly taxes
  • Why it’s important to be involved in your finances in every stage of business
  • What to outsource first in your business
  • Why using an accountant for taxes can help you get the most for your money
  • The biggest mistakes business owner’s make in their finances
  • Why it’s okay not to make a profit in your first year of business
  • What you need to track and have to give to your tax professional
  • How having your finances under control benefits your clients

Resources Discussed: