A Brief History of Lemon and the Sea


For the month of December, my solo episodes are going to giving you a little but more information about my business and what it is that I do and how I came to do that.

Today I’m going over a brief history of Lemon and the Sea, starting way before running a business was even on my radar.

Topics Discussed:

  • How I got started designing and creating at a young age
  • My high school activities and how they influenced my future
  • What architecture school taught me about business and design
  • How I started my career after college
  • The transition from full-time job to freelancing
  • My first design request and early business decisions
  • How I narrowed in on my niche and what I’m passionate about doing
  • The ideas that didn’t work and why I started Process to Profitability
  • How Lemon and the Sea is transitioning and what that looks like behind the scenes
  • My mission statement, manifesto, and core values

The Lemon and the Sea Mission

My mission at Lemon and the Sea is to empower creative, driven women to pursue their purpose and focus on what's most important.

The Lemon and the Sea Values

  • Serving Well
  • Laughter & Fun
  • Authentic Design
  • Everyone has a Purpose
  • Family Time
  • Giving Grace
  • Growth is Important
  • This is Worth It
  • Chocolate is Important

The Lemon and the Sea Manifesto

I believe in putting people over profit, that you aren't alone, that design should be beautiful and functional, communication is key, that you deserve to be seen, collaboration in design, and that you have a purpose and a place here.

Resources Discussed:


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