Coffee Perks Co.

Website Customization

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The Challenge:

Melissa and Marcos both have full-time jobs that they love, but wanted to expand their potential by starting a business on the side. Because of their passion for good coffee and a need they saw in their Pennsylvania town, they decided to offer dedicated coffee solutions, stylish machines, and locally roasted beans for the professional office setting.

When Melissa found me, they had just decided to invest in the business and were is the very early stages of getting everything off the ground. She knew that having a professional website to direct potential clients to would greatly help their business grow by building credibility and trust with referrals. They also knew that they needed to educate businesses on how they were different from other office coffee services or keeping a basic coffee maker in the office.

The process:

With Melissa's background in marketing and design, she knew before we started working together which pages and pieces of information her website would need. She had even created a Google Doc with examples of layouts that she liked and the images she had collected. I took her suggestions and created the website design in Squarespace, making suggestions and changes along the way to focus on helping Melissa meet her goal of generating 10 leads in 10 months.

Once the design was approved, I developed each of the pages and added custom elements through coding that made the Coffee Perks Co. website stand out and communicate to visitors that they specialized in luxury service and machines. Melissa wanted to share information about the types of coffee drinks that could be made with their machines, but didn't want to use the typical Squarespace Summary Block option. To create the custom "Specialty Beverages" section, I used Squarespace's Menu Block to create small drink icons that could be clicked to view the types of beverages that could be created. This had to be created twice - once for desktop and once for mobile in order to give the best user experience between sharing images and content.

Before launch, I tested the entire website and made sure the mobile version of the website reflected the desktop design.

unique features:

  • Squarespace website
  • Fairfield template
  • Custom "Speciality Beverages" section on both desktop and mobile
  • Links within the page to move to specific sections
  • Custom CSS to remove hyphens and design blocks
  • Code blocks to lay text over images with bold and colored text

The outcome:

With the launch of their new website, Melissa and Marcos now have the a professional looking website to support them as they network and build referrals for their business. Melissa feels more confident about sharing business cards and introducing people to her business with a website that backs up her brand. They have also officially launched their business and have begun speaking with potential clients.

  • 116 unique visitors since launching in April
  • 471 pageviews
  • 7% direct traffic

"By delegating my website design to a seasoned professional like Samantha, I was able to focus on other things like growing my business and generating more leads. I have a website that accurately and professional reflects my brand. The company is brand new and when I hand someone a  business card, I know that if they check me out online, they will be impressed by the website. 

Before we worked together, I liked the idea of collaborating with another woman entrepreneur and after reading about Samantha, I felt like I knew her and that Lemon and the Sea wasn't just a brand, but a real person. I loved the branding and the look and feel of her website along with Samantha's core values and I  felt confident that I had found the right person to help me build my own website.

The on-boarding process was uber professional and very organized. I immediately knew I was working with a seasoned professional, someone who has it together and was going to do what they said they would do. The video chat and email communication was friendly and professional and I hope to collaborate with Samantha in the future. She is a professional who knows her stuff and makes the process of building a website mostly effortless. Plus she's honest, trustworthy, and genuinely cares about her clients. ire Lemon and the Sea. You will not be disappointed."


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