Website Customization


The Challenge:

Jennifer is an interior designer who works with clients around the world to create great design for all budgets. She wanted to migrate her website from WordPress to Squarespace and needed a designer who could translate her clean, airy design sense into a website with customization for both desktop and mobile devices. The CAVdesign website used many custom CSS updates to make it function as Jennifer wanted while still staying true to her design aesthetic.

We wanted to craft a website that was easy to update, user-friendly, and had a design that focused on her work. She also needed a way for people to hire and pay her online and wanted to be able to expand her website with courses and workshops as her business grew.

The process:

Because CAVdesign was already established, I didn't start from scratch like on many projects. Instead, I took the current logo, color palette, and brand aesthetic to create a website that was both functional and beautiful.

The most important aspect of the CAVdesign website was to make sure that the interior design projects took center stage, which meant keeping the overall design simple with lots of white space and a minimum amount of text.

In order to create the design we wanted on Squarespace's Montauk template, I used custom coding throughout the site, including in the galleries, project pages, quote blocks, and in the thumbnail rollovers.

The vertical image image blocks show off Jennifer's work in the best light and the rotating galleries for each project allow room for captions and make it easy to move from one project to the next.


  • Squarespace website
  • Scroll-over image changes
  • Custom project page navigation
  • Featured project icons
  • Project template for easy additions


Jennifer has added 6 new projects to her portfolio, hired an assistant to help with office work and design, and has reached more of her dream clients. She blogs regularly and consistently includes video content or content upgrades to grow her email list.

  • Website Visits up 114%
  • Unique Visitors up 152%
  • Pageviews up 103%
  • Refined services
  • Increased prices

"Samantha listened well and was organized, straightforward, and responsive.

My website was up and running quickly so I could benefit from the new site design.

The clarity of Samantha's communication and rapid turnaround on questions and feedback gave me the confidence she would take care of all the details.

She was willing to do her homework to solve any issues, and really listened well to feedback while providing her own input and expertise to collaborate towards a great finished product."

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